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Student FAQ

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How do I reserve a table for group fundraising?
Where can I post signs in the dining halls?
How can I reserve a space?
Can I sell items in the dining halls?
What is Cookies for a Cause?
Does dining make donations to groups?
Can I perform community service in dining?
What student jobs are available in dining?
Can I film or interview in dining for a project?
How can I give feedback to a dining unit?
What is BC dining doing about sustainability?
How can I participate in the meal plan if I am on a special diet?  How can I arrange for dietary accommodations on campus?
I'm confused about the Meal Plan.


Table Reservations

Groups can reserve table space at a dining location to promote their cause.

  • E-mail Megan O'Neill to get approval to set up a table in one of the dining halls. The managers of the units will be contacted, and you will be informed of final approval.
  • To make the process easier, in your email please specify at which dining hall(s) you would like to set up your table, on what day(s), and whether you would like to set up at lunch and/or dinner.
  • Please remember that approved tables are for advertising or signup purposes only. No selling of any kind can occur within a dining hall. If you are trying to sell tickets or t-shirts, you may only advertise that they are for sale someplace outside of a dining hall and promote what they are for. It is BC Dining policy that no funds of any kind may be asked for or accepted. If this happens, management will shut down the table. Please make sure everyone from your group is aware of this policy.
  • Student organizations are allowed to fundraise for service trips in the dining halls by collecting Dining Dollars. These groups need to be approved by the Volunteer and Service Learning Center (VSLC).
  • When your group arrives, please have them see the Manager on Duty (MOD) who will know your group is approved. The MOD will have a table and a couple of chairs ready for you.


Posting Signs

  • Students may post signs inside McElroy, Stuart or Corcoran with the approval of the manager of each unit. Please e-mail Megan O'Neill for approval.
  • Please remember that no signs may be posted on surfaces that are glass or painted.
  • SPO's Sign Posting Policy


Space Reservations

Please visit the Office of Student Involvement's webpage on space reservations for more information.


Selling Items

  • The selling of items in the dining halls is not permitted.
  • We recognize that many groups do sell items such as tickets or t-shirts to raise money. While you cannot sell these things in a dining hall, you may advertise your fundraiser in a dining unit through posters, flyers, etc.


Cookies for a Cause

This is a great way for student groups to fundraise through BC Dining. Please e-mail Megan O'Neill to set up a fundraiser.  

  • Student groups with the proper credentials (school sponsored with an advisor) can sign up to sell bags of a dozen mini chocolate chip cookies at late night. Students purchasing cookies can pay with their meal plans.
  • The sell price is $4.99 and the group will get $1 per bag.
  • The group comes in around 8pm and bags the cookies that dining gets from the bakery. Then you tie them with a ribbon (that you must provide) and attach a label advertising your cause made by dining.
  • In order for this label to be created, the group must e-mail Megan O'Neill with 30 words about your cause at least two weeks in advance.
  • Your group will set up at a table and will be given a register to ring in the cookies.
  • You are also allowed to set up material to promote your group.
  • If the cookies are not completely sold by the end of late night, dining will sell the remainder the next day and your group will still get the $1 credit per bag.
  • Locations and dates are first-come, first-serve(d). Groups can sign up for as many nights as they would like.



Please visit the BC Dining Donation Request Policy page for more information.  


Community Service

If you have community service hours to complete due to disciplinary action, you can perform these hours at either Lower Live in Corcoran or McElroy.

  • These hours are performed during late night (8pm-1am).
  • Please e-mail Megan O'Neill with your work availability.
  • Bring your form with you to work so that the manager on duty can sign it.


Job Opportunities

Student job openings available during the academic year include:

  • Line servers
  • Grill attendants
  • Student managers

 For more information, please contact:

  • Corcoran Commons

Sean Canny (617) 552-3530

  • Carney’s & The Eagle’s Nest

Mike Forcier (617) 552-3527

  • Stuart Hall on the Newton Campus

Sharyl Thompson (617) 552-6872

  • Lyons Hall Cafeteria

Tom Cerulli (617) 552-3534

  • Hillside Café

Mark Judd (617) 552-6892

  • Athletic Concessions

Tom O'Connor (617) 552-8017

  • Catering & Support Services & The Bean Counter

Dolly Marchand (617) 552-4688

  • The Chocolate Bar

           Andy Pettit (617) 552-0404


Project Interviews/Filming

Dining is happy to help students with interviewing and/or filming for a project. Please e-mail Megan O'Neill for approval.  

  • Please prepare a list of questions beforehand for approval. Many of our employees do not like to be interviewed, and we have found that if we see the questions, we can arrange interviews with the best candidates and share the questions with them so they know what to expect.


Dining Hall Feedback

We care about your dining experiences, and we recognize that we are only as good as your last meal. With that in mind, BC Dining introduces Newton-based “Survey on the Spot”, a user friendly customer feedback tool that lets you instantly give us feedback and ensures a reply from a dining manager when something fails to meet your expectation if you provide a contact email address.

Please fill out a "Survey on the Spot" form to send in your feedback.



Please visit the BCDS Sustainability page for more information.

Students on Special Diets

Students with health concerns can schdule an appointment with our Registered Dietitian to discuss their dietary needs.  Accommodations can be arranged by registering with the Office of Disabilities Services and following the steps described on our protocol page.


Nutrition and Dietary Needs




Meal Plans

Please see this page about the BC meal plan options.