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BC Dining Donation Request Policy

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General Policy

BC Dining, as a division of Auxiliary Services, is proud to be part of the Boston College community and committed to positively impacting the campus community it serves by providing assistance to programs, organizations, and charities directly related to Boston College.


Each year we set aside limited portions of our budget so that we can “give back” to our community through gifts in kind that represent the products and services of our Auxiliary Services departments. Auxiliary Services departments will only consider requests from Boston College faculty, staff, students, or organizations for campus and/or departmental events. Boston College is a not for profit organization. Our Auxiliary Services departments receive a large volume of donation requests; unfortunately, we cannot honor every request. Implementation of this policy allows us to be fair and maximize our community contributions.

Area of Focus

Auxiliary Services places priority on giving to recognized organizations of our Boston College campus community and university related 501(c)(3) charitable organizations whose primary mission meets or compliments those of Boston College.


Requests for donations from Auxiliary Services departments must be approved in writing by the Director of the specific donating Auxiliary Services Department and reported to the Office of the Assoc. Vice President of Auxiliary Services.


Our departments are unable to honor requests or make contributions to the following:

            Donations to labor, social, or political groups

            Donations to benefit specific individuals or families

            Donations intended for resale

            Donations for monetary support

            Donations of alcohol or alcohol service

            Donations for participating in advertising or promotions



Donation requests must be submitted utilizing the Auxiliary Services Donation Request Form at least 4 weeks prior to the event date.