September 11, 2020

Dear Boston College Students:

I hope your first two weeks have been productive and that you are adjusting to the new COVID-19 protocols. I thought it would be helpful to remind you about our continued efforts to safeguard the health of the Boston College community and surrounding neighborhood.

As you know, this summer the University required all undergraduates to commit to the Eagles Care Pledge, which includes completing a daily health check; wearing face masks or face coverings; practicing appropriate physical distancing; and following University and state protocols regarding COVID-19, especially concerning gatherings, testing, quarantine, and isolation.  In addition, the University informed students and parents in several communications before the start of school that it would be strictly enforcing a “no party” policy on and off-campus, and that those hosting and attending such activities would be subject to disciplinary sanctions,  including suspension and loss of on-campus housing.

While many students have met these expectations, the increase in positive COVID-19 cases this week­—largely attributable to student interactions within six feet of one another without face coverings—has put us at risk and jeopardized the successful semester that we have all worked hard to achieve. Everyone has an obligation to follow health requirements and to act responsibly on and off-campus.  Please continue to be vigilant.

In accordance with contact tracing requirements of Boston College and the Massachusetts Department of Health, University Health Services tests all students who have been identified as close contacts of individuals testing positive for COVID-19.  Those who test positive have to be placed in isolation, and those found negative must be quarantined for fourteen days.  These steps assist in limiting the spread of COVID-19, and it is essential that students do their part.     

All at Boston College rely on your compliance and cooperation to help protect our community from the coronavirus, and we urge you and all on campus to follow necessary health protocols, especially regarding wearing masks and practicing physical distancing.  I encourage you to think carefully about your decisions and activities, to ensure that they reflect a commitment to protecting the health of the BC community and our neighbors.


Joy Moore ’81, Hon.’10
Vice President for Student Affairs

Joy Moore portrait