Students with physical disabilities living in residence halls who may require special assistance to respond to emergency situations can contact the Disability Services Office for steps to follow should their building need to be evacuated.

Students should understand that they will have some personal responsibility for implementing their plan, and discussion with the DSO is designed to ensure that students understand their own responsibilities in the event of an emergency.

What to do in an Emergency

In the event of an evacuation from a campus building that is not your residence, you should proceed to the nearest stairwell and wait for help to get you out of the building.

Emergency personnel are instructed to check all exit corridors and stairwells first for any stranded persons. If an evacuation is required, alert your professor or a co-worker/classmate who can tell others that you are going to the stairwell to await assistance. If possible, ask another person if they are willing to accompany you to the stairwell and to ensure that emergency personnel are aware of your exact location. You should also call BC Police at 2-4444 using your cell phone and tell the dispatcher where you are and what assistance you will need to get out of the building.

Stay calm until help arrives. If help has not arrived within 5-10 minutes, call BC Police again.

Office of Disability Services

Rory Stein, M.A.
Assistant Dean for Students with Disabilities