Boston College uses several different methods of notification to alert students, faculty, staff and others of an emergency. It is important that you become familiar with these notification tools and ensure your contact information is kept current and up to date. The University will test these systems once per semester to ensure they are working properly and community members are familiar with them.

In the event of severe weather or other emergency situation, the University, in addition to this website, will communicate with the community through as many of the following channels as the situation warrants:

  • Emails to accounts
  • Text alerts to cell-phones (be sure to logon to the BC Portal now and update your contact info
  • Computer pop-up messages on computers in classrooms, labs & offices - if you would like to add this to your own computer, click here.
  • Phone calls to select campus phones (ie: classrooms, blue lights, etc.)
  • Posting information to the BC Emergency Website and main BC Website
  • Posting to social media accounts on Facebook and Twitter
  • Information on the 888-BOS-COLL (888-267-2655) emergency information line
  • Other methods (media, handouts, physical postings, loudspeakers, etc.)

Be sure to notify others by word of mouth if you are alerted to an emergency!

In case of an emergency, these systems will provide information about the nature of the emergency, what to do and where to get additional details. Emergency updates and further information will be provided by postings to the listed websites, emails to the Boston College community and other methods as needed.

Please do not call 911 or the Boston College Police Department unless you truly need an emergency response (Police, Fire, Ambulance).

Also, be sure to develop an Emergency Communications Plan with family and friends to keep them informed of your status during an emergency.