Latin American Studies is a multi-disciplinary program involving more than a dozen full-time faculty from various University departments.

The Minor in Latin American Studies

Students may earn an interdisciplinary minor in Latin American Studies by completing a total of six approved courses (18 credits or more) drawn from at least three different academic departments. This list is subject to change, based on course offerings in a given year from the various departments participating in the program. In addition to the six courses the minor also requires proficiency in either Spanish or Portuguese, equivalent to three years of college-level language study.

A student seeking to earn a minor in Latin American Studies must submit a proposed plan of study to the Director of the program, listing the courses they will take to fulfill the requirements. All programs of study must be approved by the Director, who will advise the student on the selection of appropriate introductory and capstone courses, as well as opportunities for studying in Latin America.

Students seeking to earn a minor in Latin American Studies must submit a proposed plan of study to the Director no later than the second semester of their sophomore year. This allows students in the minor to take advantage of the special events to which they are invited, as well as to appropriately plan their courses of study both at Boston College and/or abroad.

Studying in Latin America

Students in the Latin American Studies minor are encouraged to participate in a study‐abroad program in Latin America for a summer, a semester, or a year. Boston College sponsors university‐based programs in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, and Ecuador, and maintains affiliations with external programs in Argentina, Brazil, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Mexico, Nicaragua, and Panama. The Latin American Studies department and Office of International Programs can assist students with arrangements in other countries. With prior approval from the Director of Latin American Studies, two Latin America‐focused courses taken abroad may be counted toward the minor. Three courses can be counted if the period of study abroad is a full academic year.

For information on service-based, short-term immersion experiences in Belize, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico, and Nicaragua, visit the Campus Ministry website.

Campus Ministry

See the Office of Global Education website for further information on semester and summer program offerings in Latin America.

Office of Global Education

BC-Sponsored Semester-long Programs

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Santiago, Chile

Quito, Ecuador

Graduate Study

A formal agreement was established in 2002 between the Latin American Studies Program at Boston College and the Center for Latin American Studies at Georgetown University. BC students who demonstrate excellence in Latin American Studies at the undergraduate level may pursue an accelerated course of study for the Master's degree in Latin American Studies at Georgetown.

Center for Latin American Studies at Georgetown