Notable events in the history of the Fulton Debating Society:

1868--On November 21, 1868, a "Constitution of the Debating Society" was adopted and debate began as a formal activity.

1890--On November 8, 1890, the Senior Debating Society is renamed in honor of Father Robert Fulton, S.J., President of Boston College and Moderator of the Society. The Fulton Prize Debate is held.

1893--On February 8, 1893, the Silver Jubilee anniversary of the Debating Society is celebrated with song and speech at a banquet.

1895--On May 1, 1895, the Fulton hosts Georgetown in the College's first intercollegiate debate

1898--On March 24, 1898, the Fulton debates against Harvard for the first time. The topic for the debate was “Resolved: That the adoption of an inheritance tax is advisable.”

1902--In September 1902, a "junior varsity" Fulton, the Marquette Society, was founded and became the training ground for freshmen and sophomores who aspired to Fultonian status.

1909--On April 22, 1909, the Fulton Debating Society celebrated its 20th anniversary with a banquet at the Boston City Club.

1913--After Boston College moved to Chestnut Hill, the Society was granted its own room in University Hall (now Gasson Hall 305).

1916--The Brosnahan Debating Society was created to train freshmen.

1926--The Fulton hosts the "First Annual Interscholastic Oratorical Contest," the first speech tournament held at Boston College.

1928--The Fulton defeats Harvard before a crowd of thousands at Symphony Hall. Boston College affirmed the resolution, "Resolved: That Alfred E. Smith is eminently qualified as President of the United States."

1944--Fulton and Marquette Societies operated jointly due to low participation as a result of World War II.

1946--Fulton and Marquette Societies resumed operating as separate organizations

1955--First year women were allowed to join the Fulton Debating Society

1958--The Marquette Debating Society was disbanded

1962--The first debate team (William S. Abell, Jr., and James J. Unger) qualifies for the National Debate Tournament.

1964--James Unger and Joseph McLaughlin finish second at the National Debate Tournament.

1970--For the first time the Society qualifies two teams in the same year to attend the National Debate Tournament.

1973--Jane Osborne is the first woman to win the Fulton Medal.

1976--Boston College hosts the 30th Annual National Debate Tournament.

1982--The first speakers qualify for the National Forensic Association's National Individual Events Tournament.

1985--Dale Herbeck is hired as Director of Forensics. After several years without debate, the Fulton competes in Cross-Examination Debate Association (CEDA) tournaments.

1986--Fulton switches from CEDA back to policy debate and qualifies for the National Debate Tournament.

1989--For the second time in the history of the Society, two debate teams qualify in the same year for the National Debate Tournament.

1990--Fulton celebrates its centennial anniversary in grand fashion by finishing first in the National Debate Tournament Rankings.

1992--The Fulton finishes first in the final National Debate Tournament Rankings for a second time and reaches the octa-finals at the National Debate Tournament.

1993--The Fulton finishes first in the final National Debate Tournament Rankings for the third time in four years. The Fultonians also win the American Debate Association Rankings Championship for the first time.

1995--Boston College hosts the American Debate Association National Tournament.

1996--Boston College competes at both NDT and CEDA tournaments when these organizations agree to debate a joint policy topic.

2001--The first issue of The Fultonian, the Fulton Debating Society newsletter, is published.

2003--Boston College hosts the American Debate Association National Tournament for a second time.

2007--On April 21, 2007, an alumni reunion was held to celebrate the 115th annual Fulton Prize Debate. Joseph T. McLaughlin is honored as the Fultonian of the Year.

2007--Mandy Castle and Allen Best (competing as BC BC) become the first team to qualify for the NDT in all 4 years.