Past Officers

Since 1890, the Fulton Debating Society has been organized in three different ways. From 1891 to Spring 1959, the Fultonians elected a President and Vice President at the beginning of each semester. This meant that there were often two different Presidents for the same year. Starting with the 1959-1960 Academic Year, the Society conducted an annual election for the President and Vice President. This practice changed during the 1986-1987 Academic Year when the Society went to an Executive Board in which two to three Fultonians served as the officers of the Society.

Executive Boards

2022-2023Cross Conrad, Louis Gleason IV, and Caleb Wachsmuth
2021-2022Sophia Carter, Cross Conrad, and Louis Gleason IV
2020-2021Sophia Carter, Ben Dewhurst, Anderson Zhang
2019-2020Ben Dewhurst, Noah Valdez, Nicholas Wong
2018-2019Ben Dewhurst, Noah Valdez, Nicholas Wong
2017-2018Conner Coles, Benjamin Dewhurst, Nicholas Wong
2016-2017Jenna Bilak, Sean MacDonald, Fisher Pressman
2015-2016Ryan Carelli, Harrison Kenner, Fisher Pressman
2014-2015Myles Casey, Ryan Carelli, Fisher Pressman
2013-2014Stephen Ferguson, Ted Kontopoulos, Michael Maerowitz
2012-2013Michael Holland, Sullivan McCormick, Ted Kontopoulos
2011-2012Matthew Bartholomae, Brendan Benedict, and Ryan Folio
2009-2010Kenneth Aruda, Brendan Benedict, and Grant Gendron
2008-2009Daniel Berkowitz, Sean O'Hara, and Kevin Walton
2007-2008Matthew Maerowitz, Ryan Malone and Michael Stork
2006-2007Allen Best, Mandy Castle, and Kevin Coughlin
2005-2006Allen Best, Mandy Castle, and Jeff Sullivan
2004-2005Allen Best, Mandy Castle, and Kevin Shatzkin
2003-2004Ben Bireley, Joseph Bowden, and Kevin Shatzkin
2002-2003Ben Bireley, Matthew Hays, and Christopher Schroeck
2001-2002Ben Bireley, Kevin Hartzell, and Christopher Schroeck
2000-2001Jared Fields, Kevin Hartzell, and Paul Sutton
1999-2000Kevin Collins, Jared Fields, and Lisa Langdon
1998-1999Dominic Cameratta, Jared Fields, and Joshua Marmol
1997-1998Joshua Marmol, David Staiti, and James Walson
1996-1997Jennifer Kennedy, Josh Marmol, and Richard Metz
1995-1996Steve Bazyl, Gregory Connor, and William Macey
1994-1995Wenyu Ho, Rebecca Kamp, and Jack Minnear
1993-1994Nick Brady, Wenyu Ho, and Christopher Strunk
1992-1993Robert Berry, Laura Oei and Dilip Paliath
1991-1992Craig Cerniello, Dilip Paliath and Darren Schwiebert
1990-1991Charles Morris, Dilip Paliath and Darren Schwiebert
1989-1990Alison Mills, Charles Morris and Darren Schwiebert
1988-1989Lisa Marie Ameden, Christopher Gassett, and Alison Mills
1987-1988Christopher Gassett and Alison Mills
1986-1987Christopher Gassett, John Goodwin, and Michael Janas

Presidents and Vice Presidents