The courses listed below all count toward the American Studies minor, but it is not an exhaustive listing of every single course that could conceivably count toward the minor. Depending on your area of concentration within the minor, there might well be others. If you have a question about counting a course not listed here toward the minor, please check with Assistant Program Director Lauren Crockett-Girard.

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Fall 2024

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Senior Seminar

In your senior year, you must enroll in the course designated as the American Studies Senior Seminar. The topic of the seminar, an interdisciplinary course housed in one of the major cooperating departments, varies every year. The course is required for completion of the minor.

ENGL 5513: Senior Seminar: Transnational American Studies: The US and Asia 

This seminar offers a deep dive into the transnational wing of American Studies. Instead of taking America’s borders as the limit of inquiry, we will explore the cultural history of America’s relationship with the world beyond its borders – specifically Asia – from the 18th century to the present. Our focus will be on the relationship between the material conditions of American and Asian life (political, military, economic, social) and the production of diverse forms of culture (household goods, dance, movies, performance, propaganda, etc.). The seminar culminates in a substantial research paper about a cultural artifact of your choosing.

Graduate Courses

The English Department regularly offers graduate courses in American studies.

These include:

  • Reporting Civil Rights (ENGL401601)
  • Experimental Writing for Scholars (ENGL6002)
  • Atlanta and the Black Atlantic (ENGL602501)
  • Issues and Methods in American Studies (ENGL 7782)
  • The City in American Literature and Film (ENG​L 7746)​
  • Postwar Hollywood: Film Analysis (ENGL7008)

English Department ​graduate courses are open to M.A. and Ph.D. students across the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, and to undergraduate English majors with permission of the instructor.