Graduate Placement

The Department of Political Science at Boston College has a strong record placing our graduates and makes vigorous efforts to help our students find positions.

Our recent graduates have received numerous tenure-track professorships. Over the last ten years BC grads have taken tenure-track positions at, among others, Holy Cross, Michigan State, Middlebury, St. John’s College, and Syracuse.

Our recent doctoral students have also been very successful in securing postdoctoral fellowships. In the last decade, our students have gone on to postdocs at Columbia, Emory, Harvard, Princeton, and Yale, among other institutions.

Our graduates also manage academic centers at institutions such as Princeton and Clemson, and have pursued careers beyond academia at the RAND Corporation and the Congressional Research Service.

Below please find a list of all degree recipients from the last ten years for whom we have information. Positions listed indicate current placements (as of August 2023). This information will be updated as needed; please send new information to Ryan Hanley, the department’s placement director.


Placement of Doctoral Program Graduates since 2013