Private Lessons

Individual lessons in voice and a range of musical instruments are open to any Boston College student upon consultation with the Music Department, on both a for-credit or non-credit basis. Registration for Fall 2024 will begin in July. Information about Fees & Registration is listed below on this page.

To receive credit for individual lessons in voice or an instrument, students must register for either MUSP1925 (Voice) or MUSP1985 (Instruments) through the Music Department website before add/drop period ends.

  • Students are assigned to an approved teacher for an hour-long lesson every week, beginning in the second or third week of classes. One credit is given per semester of lessons, graded on a pass-fail basis.
  • A semester of for-credit vocal/instrumental instruction includes ten 60-minute lessons and four additional hours of master classes or performance. At the end of each semester, students must perform prepared scales and a piece before a jury to receive credit. 
  • Students may apply three credits of lessons toward the 120 credits needed to graduate. Students who wish to continue lessons after completing three semesters of MUSP1925 / MUSP1985 should register for MUSP1920 / MUSP1980 (one-hour lessons, non-credit).



for ten 60-minute lessons.

To enroll in non-credit lessons, students must register for the appropriate level of either MUSP 1900/1910/1920 (Voice) or MUSP 1960/1970/1980 (Instrumental).

  • Students are assigned to an approved teacher for their choice of 60-minute, 45-minute, or 30-minute weekly lessons, beginning the second or third week of classes. 
  • Lessons range from beginner (MUSP 1900 and MUSP 1960) to advanced (MUSP 1920 and MUSP 1980).


$740 for ten 60-minute lessons
$560 for ten 45-minute lessons
$375 for ten 30-minute lessons