Course and Schedule Information

The Mathematics department will occasionally allow courses taken from other Boston College departments to count as electives for the mathematics major. Such courses will be decided upon before the semester they're taken, and allowable courses will be listed on the department website. Only listed courses will be eligible for this purpose, and only for semesters for which they have been approved. The Assistant Chair for Undergraduate Studies should be seen to have a waiver/substitution form signed to allow the course to count as a mathematics elective.

Note that a maximum of one course taken at Boston College outside the Mathematics department can count as an elective for the mathematics major. This does not affect courses taken abroad, which will be handled in the usual manner.

Course Schedules

Please use the Course Schedule Information page available at the Student Services website for complete and up-to-date course listings, including links to course descriptions, instructor information, and indications of which courses are open, closed, or restricted.

Course Descriptions

We've separated our undergraduate course descriptions by category (courses may be listed in more than one place). 


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