The courses listed below all count toward the American Studies minor, but it is not an exhaustive listing of every single course that could conceivably count toward the minor. Depending on your area of concentration within the minor, there might well be others. If you have a question about counting a course not listed here toward the minor, please check with Assistant Program Director Deanna Malvesti Danforth.

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Fall 2020

Spring 2021

Course Number Course Title Instructor
AADS 110501 / HIST 248201 African American History II Miller
AADS 220401 Music & Social Justice Jacob
AADS 222001 / COMM 222001 Race, Media & Technology Vats
AADS 300201 Black Nature: Race and Ecology Howard
AADS 331001 Studies of Race, Law, and Resistance Concepcion
AADS 332801 / ENGL 332801 Blackness & The Senses Curseen
AADS 401601 / ENGL 401601 / JOUR 201601 Reporting Civil Rights Ards
AADS 448301 / HIST 448301 African American Life Stories Miller
AADS 551301 / UNCP551401 Capstone: Growing Up Ethnic in America Sarr
ARTH 226701 Salt Box to Skyscraper: American Architecture, 17th-20th C Orwig
COMM 218401 Sports, Media and Culture Kim
COMM 222001 / AADS 222001 Race, Media & Technology Vats
COMM 222501 / SOCY 222501 Introduction to Feminisms Murphy
COMM 228301 Asian Americans in Sport & Society Kim
COMM 442501 Broadcast Century Issues Keith
COMM 444301 Seeing God, Hearing Ghost: Spirituality in US Media Peterson
ECON 220601 / BSLW 220601 Real Estate and Urban Action McCullagh
ECON 224201 Public Policy in an Aging Society Quinn
ECON 336701 American Economic Policy Kimelman
ECON 336702 American Economic Policy Kimelman
ENGL 212301 / LING 237901 / SOCY 227501 Langugage and Ethnicity Thomas
ENGL 214201 American Literary History II Puente
ENGL 227701 Introduction to American Studies Harrison-Kahan
ENGL 301401 Black on Stage: August Wilson & the Century Cycle Howard
ENGL 332801 / AADS 332801 Blackness & The Senses Curseen
ENGL 346001 American Short Story Pottroff
ENGL 370201 Women in Hollywood Klein
ENGL 401601 / AADS 401601 / JOUR 201601 Reporting on Civil Rights Ards
ENGL 403301 Trump and the #MeToo Era: Fact/Nonfiction/Literature Shaw
ENGL 447801 Poe and The Gothic Lewis
ENGL 50110 American Literature and Culture in the 1790s Lewis
FILM 333101 Independent American Film Rolincik
HIST 240201 U.S. History II Richardson
HIST 246001 Celluloid Salvation: Redemption / American His & Film Lyerly
HIST 444201 A Nation of Immigrants? U.S. Immigration Since 1924 Oh
HIST 448301 / AADS 448301 African American Life Stories Miller
HIST 449401 Enemt Aliens, Alien Friends: Asian Americans & US War Oh
HIST 449601 U.S. Foreign Policy 1945-Present Jacobs
HIST 455101 American Hate Lyerly
HIST 455201 Race, Rights and the Law Rogers
INTL 253101 / POLI 253101 Politics of Energy & Climate in US & Intl Perspective Deese
JOUR 201601 / AADS 401601 / ENGL 401601 Reporting Civil Rights Ards
JOUR 225401 The Role of Class in US Journalism Murphy
LING 237901 / ENGL 212301 / SOCY 227501 Language & Ethnicity Thomas
MUSA 130001 History of Popular Music McCool
MUSA 130002 History of Popular Music Mangin
MUSA 241001 The Music Industry James
PHIL 221601 Boston: An Urban Analysis Manzo
PHIL 223001 Mass Incarceration: Philosophical and Theological Lott
POLI 230501 American Federalism Landy
POLI 230701 Race and Ethnic Politics Krupenkin
POLI 231701 The American Presidency Landy
POLI 233501 Conflict and Polarization in American Politics Hopkins
POLI 236001 Rights in Conflict Schlozman
POLI 236002 Rights in Conflict Schlozman
POLI 236003 Rights in Conflict Schlozman
POLI 236004 Rights in Conflict Schlozman
POLI 253101 / INTL 253101 Politics of Energy & Climate in US & Intl Perspective Deese
POLI 439401 Muslims in American Society and Politics Skerry
SOCY 109201 Peace or War: United States/Third World Derber
SOCY 200001 Oh my God Morello
SOCY 222501 / COMM 222501 Introduction to Feminisms Murphy
SOCY 227501 / ENGL 212301 / LING 237901 Langugage and Ethnicity Thomas
SOCY 330301 Social Construction of Whiteness Piatelli
SOCY 330401 Race, Ethnicity & Popular Culture Magubane
SOCY 333301 Immigrant Experiences and the Family Millan Ovando
SOCY 334601 Environmental Justice Largesse
SOCY 337501 American Economic Crisis and Social Change Derber
SOCY 337801 Inside-Out: Perspectives on Crime, Corrections  
SOCY 339101 Social Movements Attwood-Charles
SPAN 339301 Spanish American Philosophy Gurtler
SPAN 662401 Understanding Latinos: Cultural Productions Delgado-Velazquez
THEO 325301 Religion and American Public Life Massa

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