The courses listed below all count toward the American Studies minor, but it is not an exhaustive listing of every single course that could conceivably count toward the minor. Depending on your area of concentration within the minor, there might well be others. If you have a question about counting a course not listed here toward the minor, please check with Assistant Program Director Lauren Crockett-Girard.

Fall 2023

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Course NumberCourse TitleInstructor
AADS 2800 / HIST 2800From Slave Patrol to the War on Crime: Policing Blacks across American HistorySummers
AADS1110Introduction to African Diaspora StudiesMcGuffey
AADS1114 / THEO2114When Gods Begin Again: Intro to African and African Diaspora ReligionsMcElwaine
AADS1155Introduction to African-American SocietyMcGuffey
AADS2182 / COMM2182Black Popular CultureKizito
AADS2204Music and Social JusticeJacob Dorman
AADS2265Women in BluesJacob Dorman
AADS2332 / MUSA2330History of JazzMangin
AADS3310Studies of Race, Law, and ResistanceConcepcion
AADS4485 / HIST4485History of Medicine and Public Health/Afr Am DiasporaSummers
AADS6301 / ENGL6301Seminar: Nineteenth-Century African American Literature and CultureCurseen
AADS6302 / ENGL6302Seminar: Black Feminist Literature, Art, and Performance, 1970s-1990sJones
COMM2125 / ENGL2125 / HIST2502 / SOCY2225Introduction to FeminismsBarko
COMM2184 / JOUR2184Sports, Media, CultureSerazio
COMM2265Theory, History and Practice of Talk MediaCitorik
COMM2285Cultural Diversity in MediaWells
COMM4443Seeing God and Hearing Ghosts: Spirituality in US MediaPeterson
ENGL1724Nature and Power: Reading the American PlaceMatson
ENGL1735The Meaning of Boston: Literature and CultureRotella
ENGL2141American Literary History IDeRosa
ENGL2278American Culture: Engaging Difference and JusticeHarrison-Kahan
ENGL3340Asian American Literature: Immigration, Exclusion and EngagementPuente
ENGL3357American Bestsellers and UndersellersFranzino
ENGL3358The Great Acceleration: Contemporary Fiction and Climate ChangeGray
ENGL3361Race in American HorrorHaley
ENGL3362Crafting Activism: Democracy, Composition, and D.I.Y. RhetoricsIngram
FILM3332Maverick Hollywood DirectorsLong
FILM3389American Directors SeriesChopra
HIST1630The Meaning of Boston: History and MemoryQuigley
HIST1841Core Topics: When Worlds Collide: From Contact to the ConstitutionLyerly
HIST2401U.S. History IMurphy
HIST2412The Pacific NorthwestMurphy
HIST2455American FascismsGallagher
HIST2463We Gon' Be Alright: A Pop History of AmericaBonilla
HIST2475America's War in VietnamJacobs
HIST2499Partisan Politics: American Political Parties from 1754-2020Richardson
HIST2817The U.S. PresidencyMurphy
HIST3438Study and Writing of History: Black American Lives in the 19th Century: Narratives, Letters, & TestimoniesConner
HIST4011The U.S. Occupation of Japan and GermanySeraphim
HIST4402Natives and Newcomers in Early AmericaStanwood
HIST 4440Housing AmericaGlass
HIST4495U.S. Foreign Policy IJacobs
HIST4551American HateLyerly
HIST4875New England from Winthrop to WaldenStanwood
MUSA1300History of Popular MusicDaly Berman, McCool
MUSA2412Hamilton and the American MusicalMcCool
POLI1061Introduction to American PoliticsHartney
POLI1204The Politics of the Seventies FilmKirshner
POLI2301Policy and Politics in the U.S.Melnick
POLI2309The U.S. CongressHopkins
POLI2317The American PresidencyLandy
POLI2367Media and PoliticsKrupenkin
POLI2360Seminar: Rights in ConflictMelnick
POLI2549United States Foreign Policy 1945 to PresentO'Rourke
POLI3340Sem: Democracy and Our SchoolsHartney
SOCY1043Introduction to African-American SocietyMcGuffey
SOCY1072Inequality in AmericaSpangler
SOCY1092Peace or WarDerber
SOCY2000Oh my God! A Sociological Intro to Religion in the U.S.Morello
SOCY3000Crime and PunishmentGoldman
SOCY3303Social Construction of WhitenessPiatelli
SOCY3310Studies in Crime and Social JusticeHedges
SOCY3359Sports in American SocietyKim
THEO2952U.S. Catholics: The Old Faith In A New LandMassa