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Understanding Real Estate Video Series 

The Corcoran Center has created a series of videos which support basic education within the real estate sector.


Kristin Blount, Executive Vice President of Colliers International explains the office sector discussing market factors that strengthen or weaken the sector.

Real Estate and Life Sciences 

These short videos draw connections between Boston Life Sciences Industry and its impact on real estate

Video 1: Life Sciences 

Outlines the business of Life Sciences and the important role Real Estate Professionals play in advancing the sector in Boston 

Video 2: Competitiveness 

Explores the History of Life Sciences in Boston and outlines the value of this competitive cluster to the Metropolitan Boston Area. 

Video 3: Landlords & Tenants 

Describes the strategic relationship between landlords and tenants, which is unique to this sector.  

Video 4: Innovation & Convergence

Key leaders in Life Sciences Real Estate Industry describe the evolution of life sciences and the convergence of multiple new technologies which are changing the business.

Video 5: The Market

Describes the strategic role the sector plays in the regions and the potential for the future.