Urban Action Lab

Bridging the Academic and Professional Worlds

Urban Action Lab is a Corcoran Center course offered in the Carroll School of Management course that challenges students to take on real challenges within the greater Boston community. It is a capstone experience for students preparing to enter the field of Real Estate and Urban Action. It is a capstone experience for students preparing to enter the field of real estate and urban action.

Street Grid
Redevelopment Concept

Partnering with community-based organizations and government, this experiential learning course guides students as they act as consultants, solving real-world problems through research, analysis, and collaboration.

The course is offered both Fall and Spring semesters and requires permission to enroll.

Professors: Neil McCullagh, Taylor Perkins

Highlighted Projects

Urban Action Lab was first offered in the Spring of 2019, and has run each semester since, working with an array of partner organizations across greater Boston on a diverse array of projects.

Demographic Study - Spring 2019

Caribbeans in Boston Report

Colin Cross '19 contributed to this work in Urban Action Lab

Working with Caribbean Integration Community Development, the Urban Action Lab analyzed and reported on the CaribbeanPopulation in Greater Boston

Redevelopment Concept - Fall 2020

Redevelopment Concept

Timothy Morrissey '20 and Phillip Giordano '21 contributed to this work in Urban Action Lab

Working with the Boston Housing Authority and the Massachusetts Housing Partnership, the Urban Action Lab analyzed an existing Boston public housing site and created a concept for an equitable, mixed-income redevelopment that created homeownership and entrepreneurship opportunities for neighborhood residents. 

Note: This document was created at Boston College for academic purposes

Regional Transit Analysis - Spring 2020

Commuter Rail Map

Margaret Keithline '20 contributed to this work in Urban Action Lab

Working with the Lincoln Land Institute, the Urban Action Lab analyzed commuter rail lines in eastern Massachusetts. Addressing the regional housing shortage, the lab identified areas close to rail stations that could provide badly needed additional housing for the region, while also providing walkable access to sustainable rail transit into the urban core. 

Highlighted Students

Colin Cross

Colin Cross

Colin's Urban Action Lab project was completed with Caribbean Integration Community Development, a local community development corporation. Utilizing census and other data Colin performed an analysis of the Caribbean population in several greater Boston communities, highlighting the strengths of the Caribbean Population as well as additional areas for focus and investment moving forward. 


Natalie Hoy

Natalie Hoy

Natalie completed her Urban Action Lab project with the Trustees of Reservations, one of the oldest and largest nonprofit conservation organizations in the country. Working with the Trustee's One Waterfront Initiative, Natalie immersed herself in the world of urban parks and their effects on communities and the economy. Focused creating and equitable and inclusive public space, Natalie prepared a report analyzing potential locations for a waterfront park in Boston and their effects on surrounding communities.


Timothy Morrissey

Timothy Morrissey

Tim's Urban Action Lab project created a redevelopment concept for an existing Boston Public Housing Authority property. Beginning with concepts developed by students in another Corcoran Center Course, Tim synthesized them and through research, analysis, and consultations with experts developed a concept for an equitable, inclusive redevelopment. Tim then worked with an architecture and urban planning firm to create a site plan and renderings of the proposed redevelopment.

Interested in Becoming a Partner?

Please contact the teaching team at neil.mccullagh@bc.edu and taylor.perkins@bc.edu.
Billy Kan prokect

Billy Kan '20 worked with Dorchester Bay Economic Development to create an online hub for Uphams Corner