Angelica Saggers

Frankfurt, Germany

students in front of an office building

What country and program did you go to?

I studied at Frankfurt School of Finance in Frankfurt, Germany.

Why would you recommend students study abroad?

I had a great time making new international friendships and lasting memories, which is why I highly recommend others who aspire to immerse themselves in different cultures to study abroad. Additionally, it was an amazing experience outside of the BC Bubble (I was the only BC student and one out of four other American-based students).

What did you get out of your experience?

Due to the vast amount of exposure and scenarios I came across while studying abroad, I feel more experienced and have a better understanding of who I am/how I relate to others.

What was one of your favorite moments from studying abroad?

I loved and am grateful for all of the trips that I got to go on (pre-planning with my friends was really fun and several of our spontaneous trips ended up to be the most eventful).

What was the most interesting course you took abroad?

German was definitely the most interesting language-based course that I took (I didn't realize how important pronunciation is).

How was it a good experience academically?

Frankfurt School's curriculum and grading were drastically different from Boston College. Though the classes seem more flexible, the exams and projects were by far challenging and very stimulating.