Thought-leading faculty, dynamic learning opportunities, and the resources of a globally-renowned university drive our MBA students to master professional skills, build their brands, and accelerate their careers. 

Two Pathways, One Degree

Full-Time MBA

A two-year degree that offers the skills and insights you need to take your career to the next level. Small class sizes provide you with a personalized experience, and you can tailor your MBA to your goals through robust elective offerings.

  • Two years to complete a degree
  • On-campus program
  • Experiential learning opportunities
  • Diverse cohorts

Full-Time MBA

Part-Time MBA

Receive all the benefits of the full-time MBA program but with access to convenient evening class times as well as online courses—allowing you to maintain your career while furthering your education.

  • On average, students take two courses per semester
  • Average time to complete is three years
  • Eligible candidates may qualify for advanced standing credit and the opportunity to waive out of some core courses.

Part-Time MBA

Kate Uehlinger

“Coming from getting a liberal arts degree in undergrad, and then working in finance, primarily in client servicing and relationship management, I didn’t truly understand the importance of good data analytics skills. BC gave me a toolkit I had been lacking, and the opportunity to leverage it to my advantage.”

Kate Uehlinger (Full-Time MBA ’19)
Sr. Associate Brand Manager, M&M’S, Mars

Mike Barton

“The BC network and brand recognition of the MBA program have opened doors for me ever since I started. The flexibility of the part-time program allowed me to ascend quicker into roles with greater responsibility, while enabling me to apply classroom concepts in real time.”

Mike Barton (Part-Time MBA ’17)
FP&A Manager, athenahealth

Focus on: Data Analytics

Today's business leaders must understand their organization’s data capabilities and know how to use the latest analytical tools to drive informed decisions. The BC MBA’s data analytics sequence equips all students to confidently approach data across job functions and industries.

The BC MBA Data Analytics Sequence

BC MBA Ambassadors

Want to learn more about the BC MBA Program? Our MBA ambassadors are here to provide you with insights on everything from coursework, to internships, to student and community life.

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Are part-time MBA students eligible for tuition assistance from Boston College?
<p>Our practice is to evaluate every admitted part-time MBA student for a merit based scholarship. In addition to scholarships, our team evaluates every admitted part-time MBA candidate for advanced standing credit—a potential savings of time and tuition expense. Eligible candidates may qualify for a waiver of up to five MBA courses (for a maximum of 15 credits), based upon prior coursework and/or professional certifications (e.g. CPA, CFA). This translates to potential tuition savings of up to $31,830 (based on 2023-2024 tuition rates).</p> <p>Part-time MBA students may also apply for federally-funded financial aid. <a href="" target="_blank">Learn more by visiting the Office of Student Services website</a>.</p> <p><a href="/content/bc-web/schools/carroll-school/audience-pages/current-graduate-students/course-waiver-policy.html" target="_blank"><span class="btn btn-default btn-maroon">Course Waiver Policy</span></a></p>
Can I opt into the STEM-designated track any time?
<p>Each year there will be a final deadline by which incoming students can declare their intent to enroll in the STEM-designated track. After that deadline, students will not be able to enroll in the STEM-designated track.</p>
Can I view a list of STEM-designated electives?
<p><span class="btn btn-default btn-maroon"><a href="">View sample list of STEM-designated electives</a></span></p>
Can international students apply to part-time graduate programs?
<p>Boston College does not sponsor the F-1 student visa for part-time students. International students who wish to pursue their graduate degree on a part-time basis must be sponsored otherwise. If you require a student visa, then you are only eligible to apply to full-time programs.</p>
Can part-time students enroll in the MBA STEM-designated track?
<p>No. The STEM-designated track is only available for Full-Time MBA students. </p>
Do I need work experience to qualify for the full-time MBA program?
<p>Applicants are evaluated on a number of criteria, including transcripts, test scores, essays, recommendations, and employment history. While work experience is not required, we recommend that you have at least two years of professional work experience before entering the full-time MBA program; the average work experience in recent classes has been four and a half years. Only a small number of applicants are accepted directly out of college. To learn more about our current students’ qualifications, <a href="/content/bc-web/schools/carroll-school/graduate/mba/fulltime-mba.html">view the class profile</a>.</p>
Does Boston College have information about the MBA program for military students?
<p>For information about the MBA program for military students, view the&nbsp;<a href="/content/bc-web/schools/carroll-school/graduate/admission/tuition-and-aid.html#tab-u_s_military_veterans" target="_blank">Information for U.S. Military Veterans page</a>.</p>
Does completing the STEM-designated track require any additional tuition expense?
<p>No. Since total required credit hours remain the same, tuition is not affected.</p>
Does participating in the STEM-designated track affect the total number of credit hours I need to earn my MBA?
<p>No. The 57-credit hour requirement to graduate remains for all full-time MBA students, including those completing the STEM-designated track.<br /> </p>
Does the full-time MBA program have a diverse student body?
<p>Yes, our full-time MBA students bring a wealth of diverse experiences from a variety of ethnic, national, personal, and professional backgrounds. This diversity contributes to a rich cultural and global perspective that influences teamwork and classroom discussions. To learn more,&nbsp;<a href="/content/bc-web/schools/carroll-school/graduate/mba/fulltime-mba.html">view the class profile</a>.</p>
How do I apply for the STEM-designated track?
<p>Full-time MBA applicants go through the regular application process. In the application, applicants will have the opportunity to indicate their interest in the STEM-Designated track within the application. It is non-binding, and will not positively or negatively impact the Committee’s review of the application. Admitted applicants will be able to confirm their intention to pursue the STEM-designated track when they submit their enrollment forms. While not required, applicants may also address their interest in pursuing the STEM-designated track in their application essays.</p>
How does the STEM-designated MBA affect international students?
<p>Under current federal policy, international students (e.g., those on F-1 student visas) are eligible to work in the US in Curricular Practical Training (CPT) after two full-time semesters in residence. CPT allows international students to have paid internships in the US. After graduation, these students are eligible for Optional Professional Training (OPT).</p> <p>For a non-STEM degree, OPT can last for up to one year, enabling the student to pursue a job in a US-based company. For a STEM degree, OPT is extended an additional 24 months (if properly designed by the employer), so international students who complete the STEM-designated track can work in the US for up to 3 years.</p>
How long does it take to complete the part-time MBA program?
<p>The average time is three to four years, and most students take two courses each semester. Our program, however, provides the opportunity to complete their degrees in as little as two years.</p> <p><a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">View a sample degree road map</a> and get a better understanding of which classes you would take to complete your degree over the course of two, three, and four years.<br /> </p>
If I don’t complete the requirements for the STEM-designated track, can I still graduate with the MBA degree?
<p>Yes, as long as you successfully complete the requirements for the MBA, you will still be able to earn an MBA without the STEM track designation.</p>
In what industries are full-time MBA graduates employed?
<p>The Boston College full-time MBA program is a cross-functional degree with a strong emphasis on teamwork and a global perspective. Because our MBA students enter the program with an average of four years of work experience in a range of career fields, they are able to make immediate contributions to the organizations where they are employed in a wide range of industries. For more information about where our graduates work,&nbsp;<a href="/content/bc-web/schools/carroll-school/graduate/career-development.html">view our placement data</a>.</p>
Is the STEM designation available to all MBA students?
<p>The STEM designation was approved by Boston College in Fall 2022. At this time, the STEM-designated track is only available to full-time MBA students, beginning with the class that entered in Fall 2022.</p>
Is the STEM designation listed on my diploma?
<p>No. All MBA diplomas will read “Master of Business Administration.” The STEM designation will be noted on your transcript.</p>
Is the STEM-designated track a dual degree?
<p>No, the STEM-designated track is one degree. Students pursuing the track are, however, eligible to complete the MBA/MSF dual degree. Students interested in the dual degree should consult with Graduate Admissions for details on the combined program curriculums.</p>
What if I change my mind and no longer want to pursue the STEM-designated track after opting in?
<p>Students can drop the STEM-designated track at any time; however, once you opt out, you will not be able to opt back in.</p>
What is an MBA STEM-designated track?
<p>A STEM-designated MBA curriculum reflects the increasing quantitative focus of  skills needed by today’s businesses. Increasingly, companies have come to rely on technology and analytics, across all functional areas. The curriculum of our STEM-designated track has a strong emphasis on Statistics, Data-driven Decision Theory, Information Technology, Data Security, Data Visualization, Artificial Intelligence, Programming, and Optimization, present throughout the core curriculum as well as electives.</p>
Why might I choose to not pursue the STEM-designated curriculum?
<p>Although this designation is valuable, it may not align with your career goals. The STEM curriculum places a heavy emphasis on the use of math, science, and technology in business. Some career paths require other skill sets which might not qualify you for a STEM-designated degree. If you are unsure we encourage you to consult with your academic and career advisors.</p>
Will I be able to choose the specific STEM-approved electives I want to take?
<p>As with all of our graduate management programs, the Graduate Student Services Office will ensure a student is registered in courses that meet graduation requirements, but we cannot guarantee a student’s choice of electives.</p>

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Boston College’s Jesuit heritage is at the core of the Carroll School community. Our graduate students bring to life the University’s commitment to the greater good by providing pro bono services to local nonprofits or acting as mentors in underserved communities.

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