Faculty Directory

Susan (Xiaohong) Pan

Assistant Professor of the Practice



Susan Pan has been a member of the Carroll School of Management faculty since 2020, teaching courses on business statistics and predictive analytics. She has been passionate about data since an early stage in her career. She enjoys being an instructor in statistics, spatial analysis, and analytics applications, and helping others to use and appreciate data.

In her research, Professor Pan has studied travel behavior, preferences, and the demand of aging Americans using multiple data sources, including both primary survey data and secondary large-scale travel and census data. She previously worked as an engineer and analyst at the Institute of Transportation Studies at UC Berkeley, where she helped deploy technology, conduct travel time surveys, and carry out various data analyses. She is always enthusiastic about teaching students how to extract useful information from data, how to present data, and how to use data to solve real world problems.

Selected Publications

  • Pan, X. (2019). Investigating aging Americans’ transportation options in the era of crowdsourcing: Questionnaire design and survey implementation through Amazon Mechanical Turk. Research in Transportation Business & Management, 30, 100372.
  • Pan, X., & Khattak, A. J. (2008). Evaluating traveler information effects on commercial and noncommercial users. Transportation Research Record, 2086(1), 56-63.
  • Khattak, A. J., Pan, X., Williams, B., Rouphail, N., & Fan, Y. (2008). Traveler information delivery mechanisms: Impact on consumer behavior. Transportation Research Record, 2069(1), 77-84.