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Mei Xue

Associate Professor


Business Analytics


Professor Xue's current research interest focuses on applying management science, operations research and advanced analytics with cutting edge technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) to solve real world problems in service industries, especially in financial service industry, using a data driven approach. Her current and past research projects in this field include: 

  • “Intelligent Banking -Transforming Banking with Analytics and Artificial Intelligence” –This project focuses on exploring how to combine analytics with artificial intelligence (natural language processing and machine learning)  to improve efficiency and accuracy in risk control and marketing at a Fortune 500 bank with millions of customers. 
  • “The Management of Complex Financial Systems: Modeling, Pricing and Risk”- This project focus on operational risk control in financial services, in particular, customer induced risks in the background of social media. In particular, we investigate the liquidity risk introduced by the uncertainty of customer behaviors with an assets management practice involving assets under management (AUM) in billions. 
  • “Customer Efficiency and the Management of Multi-channel Service Delivery System” - This project focuses on consumer’s adoptions of Internet channel in retail banking and its impact on service efficiency, customer relationship and firm performance in financial services with several large and medium sized banks in the U.S.  

Professor Xue’s other research interests include process design and pricing in sharing economy such as ride sharing, as the continuation of her research in service co-production and customer efficiency management (CEM) and data driven supply chain management, in particular supply chain finance. 

Professor Xue’s research has received grants from National Science Foundation (NSF), Marketing Science Institute (MSI) and the Wharton E-Business Initiative. Professor Xue's research work has been published at premier academic journals including Management Science, Manufacturing & Service Operations Management (M&SOM), Production and Operations Management (POM), and Journal of Service Research and won the Most Influential Service Operations Paper Award of Production and Service Operations Society (POMS) in 2011.

Professor Xue holds a PhD in Management Science and Applied Economics and an AM in Operations and Information Management from the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania and a MSE in Systems Engineering from the School of Engineering and Applied Science, University of Pennsylvania.