Using quantitative and qualitative methods, the Institutional Research (IR) team collects and analyzes data which are used to monitor trends and/or provide targeted feedback about a particular program or campus issue. The IR team accomplishes these reporting efforts through a broad range of activities:

    Serving as the official clearinghouse for information about Boston College and its constituents

    Coordination of compliance reporting to external agencies, such as IPEDS

    Preparation of the Boston College Fact Book

    Administration of national and institutional surveys on a cyclical basis

    Collection and analysis of data for department profiles and key indicators of progress

    Management of the survey and focus group policy

    Enrollment & Degree Highlights

    The Enrollment & Degree Highlights flier is produced every fall in order to share enrollment numbers for the current year and degree numbers from the past academic year.

    Fall 2023 Enrollment & Degree Highlights Flier

    Previous Fliers

    Comparison Institutions

    Higher Education Opportunity Act (HEOA) Data

    Boston College Common Data Set

    First Destinations Data/Post-Graduation Plans Survey (PGP)

    Population: Graduating undergraduate students
    Last administered: Spring through Fall 2022

    The PGP survey, along with additional supplemental information gathered, comprises the Boston College’s First Destinations. The PGP survey is administered annually to the most recently graduating undergraduate class on their primary activity six months post-graduation. 

    Within the interactive detailed data, explore first destinations of graduates by school, major, industry, location, and more.

    Previous Years' Reports



    Boston College’s First Destinations data collection and reporting methodologies conform to the guidelines put forth by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE).

    The Post-Graduation Plans survey is administered annually online from April through December to all members of the most recently graduated undergraduate class. Supplementary data is sourced from the National Student Clearinghouse, Boston College Carroll School of Management First Destination Survey, internal Boston College sources, and public data, resulting in a set of information that provides valuable data for faculty, administrators, and employers to better serve students in their career-planning activities.

    Survey Rotation

    The survey cycle displays the university-wide surveys administered by IR&P to specific Boston College community populations over several previous, current, and upcoming semesters.

    Typically, two or three university-wide surveys are administered by IR&P to the Boston College community each semester and often reflect data collection requirements for compliance or accreditation reports. Additionally, about two additional university-wide surveys are administered each semester by IR&P at the request of Boston College departments.

    Survey Rotation

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