IR&P provides in-house consulting services to department, division, and school leadership teams who are considering a range of strategic, planning and organizational activities.

Strategy Development & Implementation

Collaboration with leaders to develop strategic & operational plans that include clearly defined goals, initiatives, and action plans to achieve strategic initiatives.

  • Clarifies purpose (mission), focus, and identification of the top priorities of the organization
  • Enables a clear understanding of the health of the organization by assessing where you are and the distance between where you are and where you aspire to be (vision)
  • Creates a plan of action that aligns and mobilizes the BC community to accomplish its goals and objectives (an implementation plan), distributes responsibility, and assigns accountability.
  • STM Strategic Plan
  • Core 2.0 Plan
  • Strategic operating plan for the opening of the Margot Connell Recreation Center
  • 1-day planning retreats, e.g., Woods College of Advancing Studies, BC Law, & Computer Science Faculty

Program/Operational Reviews

Assist leaders in organizing & analyzing data to improve programs/operations by developing strategic insights & intelligence to advance operations. (i.e., Administrative Program Review)

  • Enables leaders to make informed decisions about strategic priorities and/or to evaluate the viability of new initiatives
  • Identifies strengths and leading practices that can be expanded/developed to improve processes, structures, skills, revenue generation, or cost reductions.
  • Pinpoints opportunities for improvement and root causes of challenges
  • Evaluates new business opportunities, understanding the pros and cons of new initiatives as well as the opportunity and operational revenue/cost estimates
  • Employs a variety of analytic techniques ranging from formal process reviews to design thinking
  • Administrative Program Reviews of Office of International Students and Scholars, Office of Graduate Student Life, Office of Health Promotion
  • Alcohol Business case for Alumni Stadium
  • International Travel Registry analysis/recommendations

Process Optimization

Engage key stakeholders to understand existing processes and identify pain points to make improvements, generate revenue, and/or reduce costs.

  • Assists leaders in systematically analyzing process breakdowns and developing better, more efficient, and/or less costly operations.
  • Provides a vehicle for productive communications between stakeholders to drive towards common goals.
  • Assists leadership in making informed business decisions.
  • Optimized Summer Operations for Facilities Services, Residential Life and Event Management
  • Revised Protection of Minors process/policies
  • Mapped complex online program development processes
  • Facilitated key stakeholders’ review and recommended improvements to the University’s policies and procedures around its Contract Management lifecycle processes

Project Management

Provide project management support for the EVP or cross-functional teams to enable teams to plan and continue to make progress against planned initiatives.

  • Enables projects to be delivered in scope, on time, and on budget.
  • Increases the capability and capacity of the BC Community to successfully lead and execute projects.
  • Brings together cross-functional teams to evaluate an initiative and make informed recommendations to senior leadership
  • Fall 2020 Re-opening space reviews/modifications
  • BC Veterans Advisory Group liaison
  • New student formation spaces
  • BCSSW enrollment management planning support