In addition to our Global Public Health and the Common Good Minor, the Schiller Institute is developing a range of academic programs and courses. These include a community-engaged, project-based learning course that will prepare students to work collabortively within and for communities while also developing marketable skills, including communication, project management, and leadership. The Schiller  team is leading efforts to develop a data science graduate degree and an interdisciplinary Ph.D. program. Schiller Core Faculty, Professor Yi Ming and Professor Hanqin Tian will develop courses, new majors, and cutting-edge graduate programs.

Global Public Health and The Common Good

The Program for Global Public Health and the Common Good is grounded in science and rooted in a philosophy of social justice—committed to creating a healthier and more equitable society.

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Forging Just, Effective Climate Policy in the UN COP Process

This course will provide an overview of the UN Climate Change Conference (COP) from an historical, political, and social perspective. Particular attention will be applied to viewing the COP proceedings through three frames: climate change policy, health, and social justice.

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Entrepreneurial Leadership in Energy, Environment and Health

Entrepreneurial Leadership will offer opportunities for students in any Boston College major to develop communication, business, and networking skills while having unique opportunities to connect with start-up leaders and innovators wokring on the cutting-edge of these fields.

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