Global Public Health and the Common Good

The Program for Global Public Health and the Common Good at Boston College is grounded in science and rooted in a philosophy of social justice. It is committed to creation of a healthier and more equitable society and to care for the Earth—our common home.

Undergraduates study the core disciplines of public health. They explore the social, economic, and political factors that drive disparities in health and shape patterns of disease. They examine the health impacts of a changing global environment. Through their mentored research, service, and experiential learning, they gain analytical skills in epidemiology and understanding of the ethical and legal foundations of public health.

Program graduates will be fully prepared for post-graduate study in public health, medicine, nursing and dentistry. They will gain deep understanding of how the health of populations shapes societies, molds the destiny of nations, and influences individual health and well-being. They will be prepared for lives of service to others.

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Global Public Health and the Common Good Information Session

January 24th at 6:30 pm 

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