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  • 1935
Out with all those who disturb the Peace!

United Youth is in the Hitler Youth

In the first two years of the Third Reich, Baldur von Schirach had created a remarkable coalition of youth groups under his leadership. Only the Catholic Youth Organizations remained stubbornly aloof. Organized as they were by local parishes and usually led by one of the parish priests, these groups were suspicious of the anti-religious tone prevalent in the Hitler Youth.

For 1935, Baldur von Schirach resolved on a major campaign to break down this opposition. Using a tactic which had proven so successful in the past, he now labeled the Catholic Youth groups as malcontents, or tools of reactionary elements in the Church. Meetings of the Catholic organizations were harrassed; their parades and processions frequently disrupted.

This poster was part of that campaign against the Catholic youth. It shows two HJ leaders, one with a flag and the other beating his drum, marching inexorably over the fleeing opponents, many of them clearly identified as priests. The implication was that these groups were disrupting the peace of Germany, when in fact the initiative for this wave of violence came almost entirely from the HJ groups.

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