Stephen Saulnier, Community Resource Officer (CRO)

Officer Saulnier serves as the departments Community Resource Officer for the Boston College Community.


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BC Police recognizes the importance of not limiting its parternship with residential students only, but also overlapping those partnerships into other aspects of student life, and faculty and staff. Therefore the Community Resource Officer (CRO) is responsible for acting as a direct and dedicated liaison to the community, assisting the community inquiries, concerns or needs. The CRO will have several other responsibilities including meeting with members of the community on a regular basis, review, assess and troubleshoot possible problems and issues within and around the campus community while fostering a positive image of the department and creating a more safe and secure working and living environment, by solving problems through community partnerships.

Beyond the relationships our CRO is forming, he also can provide a range of Crime Prevention Education programs to our community based upon set monthly themes.