Political Science Faculty

Kathleen Bailey

Professor of the Practice

Director of the Gabelli Presidential Scholars Program

Director of the Islamic Civilization & Societies Program


Kathleen Bailey's research interests lie in the area of ethnic and regional politics with a focus on the former Soviet space, especially Uzbekistan and Central Asia. She is the author of the forthcoming Clan and Politics in Uzbekistan. Professor Bailey teaches courses on Moslem regions, including Central Eurasia, the Middle Civilization and the Balkans. She is the Director of the Islamic Civilization and Societies Program at Boston College, which offers an undergraduate Major and Minor in the field. Her current research focuses on leadership and regional elites in Central Asia.


  • Intercultural Diplomacy Seminar in Kuwait
  • Gabelli Presidential Scholars Immersion Experience, Jordan
  • The Proteges Partnership, Middle East Region

Selected Publications

Editor-in-Chief, Oxford Encyclopedia of Islam, “Central Asia and Afghanistan” Oxford University Press, 2015

“Jadidism in Central Asia,” Oxford Encyclopedia of Islam, Oxford University Press, 2015

“Kuwait’s Arab Spring,” Energy and the Environment, August 2012

“Independent Income, Political Participation and Women’s Rights in Uzbekistan,” in Social Sciences and Interdisciplinary Studies: An Integrated Approach, Center for Strategic Studies, Kuwait University Press, 2007

Politics and Clan: The Case of Uzbekistan, (forthcoming) Frank Cass Publishers, LTD, London

“V poiskakh propavshego 'Mednogo Vsadnika',” Obozrenie, No. 9, April, 1994 (with Donald Carlisle)

Kistorii Destalinizatsii v Uzbekistane,”, Obozrenie, No. 2, 1992 (with Donald Carlisle)

“The Plight of Women in the USSR,” Journal of Women’s Studies, Spring, 1989 Sovetskaya Bukhara: Moskovskaya Model Afghanistana?”, Obozrenie, No. 6, 1983 (with Donald Carlisle