Communication Department Faculty

Brett Ingram

Associate Professor of the Practice




Brett Ingram joined the department in 2013 after earning his Ph.D. in Communication from the University of Massachusetts Amherst. His doctoral dissertation, “Critical Rhetoric in the Age of Neuroscience,” examined the ways in which rhetorical activity incites preconscious neurological events that have profound implications for our capacity to exercise agency and engage in critical thought.

Dr. Ingram’s research focuses on the embodied and non-rational aspects of rhetorical and cultural phenomena; he is especially interested in the affective dynamics at play in our interactions with political media, the link between rhetorical violence, brain trauma, and subjectivity, and the relationship between addiction and ideology. His scholarly projects seek to disclose vectors of influence that are often overlooked in the humanities, for the purpose of developing more sophisticated critical interventions into destructive social practices.

Prof. Ingram is affiliated with both the Women's and Gender Studies and the Jewish Studies programs. He regularly teaches Critical Theory, Masculinity Sexuality and Difference, The Ideal of the Open Mind, Totalitarianism in Representation and Reality, and Fashion as Communication.