Fall 2019 and Spring 2020

The courses listed below all count toward the American Studies minor, but it is not an exhaustive listing of every single course that could conceivably count toward the minor. Depending on your area of concentration within the minor, there might well be others. If you have a question about counting a course not listed here toward the minor, please check with Assistant Program Director Deanna Malvesti Danforth.

Fall 2019

Spring 2020

Course Number Course Title Professor
AADS 110501 African American History II Miller
AADS 218201 / COMM 218201 Black Popular Culture Vats
AADS 233401 / MUSA 233401 Hip Hop in American Culture Mangin
AADS 248401 / HIST 248201 Montgomery Bus Boycott Miller
AADS 331001 Studies of Race, Law, and Resistance Concepcion
AADS 401601 / ENGL 401601 / JOUR 201601 Reporting Civil Rights Ards
AADS 551301 / UNCP551401 Capstone: Growing Up Ethnic in America Sarr
AADS 602101 Black and Immigrant Frederick
COMM 222501 / SOCY 222501 Introduction to Feminisms Murphy
COMM 442501 Broadcast Century Issues Keith
COMM 444301 Media and Religion in American Public Life Peterson
ECON 224201 Public Policy in an Aging Society Quinn
ECON 336701 American Economic Policy Kimelman
ECON 336702 American Economic Policy Kimelman
ENGL 214301 American Literary History III Puente
ENGL 227701 Introduction to American Studies Reznick
ENGL 340201 Discontinuous Histories in American Literature  
ENGL 401101 Faulkner to Beyonce: New South Aesthetics Ards
ENGL 401601 / AADS 401601 / JOUR 201601 Reporting on Civil Rights Ards
ENGL 440401 Literary Boston, 1790-1860 Lewis
ENGL 492601 Trauma in American Literature Tanner
ENGL 551301 American Studies Senior Seminar Klein
ENGL 602101 / AADS 602101 Black and Immigrant Frederick
ENGL 602201 Hamilton and American Culture Harrison-Kahan
ENGL 602301 Slavery, Politics and American Literature Reznick
FILM 333101 Independent American Film Irving
HIST 240201 U.S. History II Richardson
HIST 248201 / AADS 110501 African American History II Miller
HIST 248401 / AADS 248401 Montgomery Bus Boycott Miller
HIST 440201 Natives and Newcomers in Early America Stanwood
HIST 441801 American Slavery Lyerly
HIST 442201 Race, Riots & Rodeos: U.S. 1865-1900 Richardson
HIST 444201 A Nation of Immigrants?  U.S. Immigration Since 1924 Oh
HIST 445101 Church and State in America O'Toole & Rogers
HIST 445301 Gender in American History Lyerly
HIST 446201 U.S. Constitutional History II Rogers
HIST 449601 U.S. Foreign Policy 1945-Present Jacobs
INTL 231101 Intelligence, Covert Action and National Policy Carle
INTL 253101 / POLI 253101 Politics of Energy & Climate in US & Intl Perspective Deese
JOUR 201601 / AADS 401601 / ENGL 401601 Reporting Civil Rights Ards
MUSA 130001 History of Popular Music James
MUSA 130002 History of Popular Music McCool
MUSA 233401 / AADS 233401 Hip Hop in American Culture Mangin
PHIL 221601 Boston: An Urban Analysis Manzo
PHIL 314001 The Idea of America Fried
POLI 106101 Introduction to American Politics Landy
POLI 230701 Race and Ethnic Politics Krupenkin
POLI 233801 Environmental Politics and Policy Hartney
POLI 233901 State and Local Government Hartney
POLI 234101 American Political Thought I Hale
POLI 234201 American Political Thought II Kersch
POLI 238601 Civil Liberties Kersch
POLI 253101 / INTL 253101 Politics of Energy & Climate in US & Intl Perspective Deese
POLI 254901 U.S. Foreign Policy 1945-Present O'Rourke
SOCY 103001 Deviance and Social Control TBD
SOCY 103801 Race, Class and Gender Simmons
SOCY 109201 Peace or War: United States/Third World Derber
SOCY 171101 Social Inequality in America Spangler
SOCY 330301 Social Construction of Whiteness Piatelli
SOCY 331601 The Sociology of W.E.B. DuBois Magubane
SOCY 332501 Immigration and Idenity TBD
SOCY 337301 Sexuality and Society TBD
SOCY 337501 American Economic Crisis and Social Change Derber
SOCY 339101 Social Movements Attwood-Charles
THEO 280001 Race, Freedom, and the Bible in America Gillihan

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