Awards and Fellowships

National Fellowships Competitions

Boston College students need to be aware, early in their undergraduate careers, of the fellowships and awards given on a competitive basis by national foundations. Fulbright Grants, Marshall Scholarships, Javits Fellowships, National Science Foundation Fellowships, Rhodes Scholarships, and Truman Scholarships are among the major grants available.

Many of these opportunities are especially for students planning a future in public service, so they are very appropriate for Political Science majors. In recent years, several of the department's majors have been awarded Truman Scholarships, for instance.

Some of these are available to Juniors and Seniors for undergraduate study. However, early planning and preparation are important. To have a realistic chance of competing for one of these awards, students need to plan ahead—and Freshman year is not too early.

Contact: Professor Kenji Hayao.
For further information about national fellowships, consult the University Fellowships Committee website.

Student Award Recipients

Donald S. Carlisle Award

2017 Hagop Toghramadjian and Mackenzie Arnold

2016 Marissa L. Marandola 

2015 Alexander Hayden

2014 Brooke Loughrin

2013 Jordan Dorney & Dania R. Al Humaid

2012 John Blakeslee

2011 Amanda Rothschild

2010 Natasha Baker

2009 Timothy Mooney

2008 Leah Maloney

2007 Peter Sima-Eichler & Gail Harmon

2006 Allison D'Orazio

2005 Lauren Daniel

2004 Joe Sasanuma

2003 John Mulcahy

2002 Paul Mistovich

2001 Crystal Cordell

2000 Bader Al Saif 

Fulbright Grant Awards

Emily Murphy: Research Grant to Oman

Hagop Toghramadjian: Research Grant to Armenia

McCarthy Prize for the Best Scholar of the College Project    

Hagop Toghramadjian, “The Case for Wataniyya: State-Based National Identify and Democracy in the Arab Middle East.”

Benigno and Corazon Aquino Asian-American Scholarship: Miriam George (’18)

John Marshall Program Awards

Yi Peng Liu: “Mastery of Leo Strauss: Irony and On Tyranny

Nicholas Pangakis: “The Application of American Freedom: From W. E. B. DuBois to Kendrick Lamar”

Phi Beta Kappa inductees:

Mackenzie Arnold

Anne Bigler

Elizabeth Crimi

Miriam George

Robert Harding

Konstantinos Karamanakis

Yi Peng Liu

Jack Massih

Emily Murphy

Emily Pelles

Galen Khang Pham

Jordan Pino

Justin Prindle

Hagop Toghramadjian

Islamic Civilization and Societies Award

Emily Murphy

French Award

Emily Murphy

Deans’ Scholars, Class of 2018:

Omeed Alidadi

Madison Armstrong

Lena Arnold

Anne Bigler

Elizabeth Crimi

Connor Kratz

Cecilia Milano

Sydney Sullivan

Karina Thornton

Sophomore Scholars, Class of 2019:

James Cacciola

Liam Formisano

Taylor Halva

Christina LaRitz

Madeleine Nation

Kathleen Seavy

Thomas Toghramadjian