A selection of research publications appears on each faculty member’s page. In addition, a full list can be viewed by clicking on their respective Curriculum Vitae.

American Politics

Dennis Hale
American Political Thought; The Founding; Modern States; Citizenship; Law and Politics; Local Government

David Hopkins
Political Parties and Elections; U.S. Congress; Political Behavior; Research Methods

Ken I. Kersch
American Political and Constitutional Development; American Political Thought; Politics of Courts

Marc Landy - Faculty Chair, The Irish Institute
U.S. Presidency; Federalism; Comparative Federalism; Environmental Regulation

R. Shep Melnick - Thomas P. O'Neill, Jr. Professor of American Politics
Courts; Public Policy

Kay L. Schlozman - J. Joseph Moakley Professor
Citizen Politics; Political Parties and Elections; Interest Groups

Peter Skerry
Racial and Ethnic Politics; Immigration Policy

Comparative Politics

Kathleen Bailey
Central Asian Politics; Russian Politics; Balkans

Ali Banuazizi
Middle Eastern Politics; Political Culture; Religion and Politics

Paul Christensen
Russian Politics; Social Movements; Globalization

Gerald M. Easter
Russian Politics; Eastern Europe; Modern State; Ethnonationalism; Post-Communist Transitions

Kenji Hayao
Japanese Politics; Political Leadership

Lauren Honig
African Politics; State-building; Natural Resource Governance; Political Economy of Development

Jonathan Laurence
Western European Politics

Jennie Purnell
Social Movements; State Formation; Latin American Politics

International Politics

Timothy W. Crawford
International Relations Theory; International Security; U.S. Foreign Policy; United Nations

David A. Deese
International Political Economy; International Institutions, Public and Private; U.S. Foreign Policy

Jennifer L. Erickson
Globalization and National Security; European Union in World Affairs; Introduction to International Studies

Peter Krause
International Security; Middle East Politics; Non-State Violence; Social Movements

Lindsey O'Rourke
International Relations Theory; U.S. Foreign Policy; International Security; Military Strategy

Robert S. Ross
Sino-American Relations; Chinese Politics

Political Philosophy

Robert Bartlett - Behrakis Professor of Hellenic Political Studies
Classical Political Philosophy

Nasser Behnegar
Early, Modern, and Contemporary Political Theory; American Political Thought; Comparative Ideologies

David M. DiPasquale
Medieval and Modern Islamic Political Thought; Political Philosophy of Alfarabi, Avicenna, and Averroes; Transmission of Greek Science to the Muslim World; Islam and the West

Robert K. Faulkner
Early Modern Political Philosophy; American Political and Legal Thought; Liberalism

Christopher J. Kelly
Rousseau; 18th-century Political Philosophy

Susan Meld Shell - Department Chair
Modern Political Theory and German Idealism; Kant; Hegel; Nietzsche; Heidegger

Paul Wilford
German Idealism (especially Kant and Hegel); Ancient Greek Philosophy (especially Aristotle); Philosophy of History