Political Science Faculty

Dennis Hale



Dennis Hale did his undergraduate work at Oberlin College and received a Ph.D. in Political Science from the City University of New York Graduate Center in 1977. He has taught at Boston College since 1978, is a former department chair, was for several years the director of undergraduate studies and director of the honors program in Political Science. He has published essays on local government, American political thought, public administration, and the modern experience of citizenship. With Marc Landy, he has edited two volumes of essays by the French political scientist Bertrand de Jouvenel: The Nature of Politics (Transaction, 1992), and Economics and the Good Life: Essays on Political Economy (Transaction, 1999). His is the author, most recently, of The Jury in America: Triumph and Decline (University Press of Kansas, 2016). In addition to teaching introductory courses for the major—Fundamentals of Politics and Introduction to Modern Politics—he has taught courses on urban politics, public administration, American political thought, and a graduate seminar on The American Founding. His essays and reviews have appeared in The Political Science Quarterly, PS, Society, The Journal of Politics, the American Political Science Review, State and Local Government Review, Polity, Administration and Society, The Political Science Reviewer, The Washington Post, and Newsday.