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Established in 1961, the Communication department has become one of the largest undergraduate majors at Boston College. Over the past 50 years the Department has grown from three to 14 full-time faculty; from a handful of students to more than 900 majors; and from an orientation primarily devoted to teaching the composition and delivery of speeches, to the broad gamut of theories and methods encompassed by communication.


Professor in recording studio with students

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Faculty Documentary Film

Prof. Matt Sienkiewicz produced and co-directed a documentary, The Ragged Edge, which premiered on Wisconsin PBS.

The Ragged Edge is documentary about survival on and off the racetrack; about riding the edge between victory and oblivion. Its focus is Erik Buell Racing (EBR), the only American sport bike company. EBR is now racing for survival. This documentary combines the power, excitement and tension of motorcycle racing from the point of view of the teams in the pits with the equally powerful stories of a company trying to make it through a financial maelstrom and the personal survival of working families in America’s heartland.