Honors Program

The Carroll School of Management Honors Program serves a group of talented and highly motivated students who pursue excellence inside and outside the classroom. Scholarship, community service and leadership, the precepts of the Program, create an environment that is charged for growth, learning and enriched experiences.

The Honors Program is designed to promote the ingenuity, initiative, energy, and hard work of its members as they strive to continuously improve the Program, thereby making a student's four years at Boston College most enriching.

The professional education is coupled with a liberal arts core curriculum that is required of all Boston College students. All students then choose one or more concentrations in a specific management discipline, such as accounting, finance, marketing, operations, and information technology, or one of many other concentrations offered to students in the Carroll School. The Honors Programs will no longer be accepting applicants.

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Honors Program students excel in the classroom, taking honors sections of the Carroll School of Management core. Each Carroll School honors section is relatively smaller than its non-honors counterparts and taught by an experienced full-time faculty member. Many of the professors are internationally recognized scholars in their respective field. Each of the honors courses develops critical thinking skills, frequently using case analyses and group projects. Most importantly, professors are readily accessible to the students outside of the classroom for extra help and mentoring. Every year, Honors Program students remark about the opportunities that are available to them because of the relationships that they formed with faculty from their Honors sections. An Honors Program student's study at Boston College culminates in the research and writing of a Senior Honors Thesis under the tutelage of a faculty member. The student chooses a faculty member who can offer technical and expert advice.

In the first semester of freshman year, all honors students take Portico, an introductory course in business, in addition to their liberal arts courses. Liberal arts courses continue in the second semester, when students also take an accelerated course in basic statistics. The honors-level coursework required of all Honors Program members is as follows:

Freshman Year

Perspectives I (satisfies philosophy and theology requirements)
Computers in Management - Honors
Business Statistics - Honors
Math for Management
Calculus (MT100 or higher)

Sophomore Year

Principles of Economics I - Microeconomics
Principles of Economics II - Macroeconomics
Financial Accounting - Honors
Managerial Accounting - Honors
Introduction to Business Law - Honors
Basic Finance - Honors
Business and Professional Speaking - Honors

Junior Year

Basic Marketing - Honors
Operations Management - Honors
Predictive Analytics
Organizational Behavior - Honors

Senior Year

Strategy and Policy - Honors
Thesis Research Seminar
Senior Honors Thesis

The Carroll School of Management Honors Program allows students to come together through all corners of collegiate life. The Program is not strictly academic, as students participate in events and community service both at Boston College and in the greater Boston community. The combination of academic and extracurricular involvement allows students to create strong bonds with classmates that carry them not only through their four years at Boston College, but for the rest of their lives.

Admission to the Carroll School Honors Program is strictly by invitation.  All four undergraduate schools at Boston College have their own honors programs that vary in breadth and structure.  Through the Admission Office at Boston College, students are selected for the honors program of the school to which they apply.  The Admission Committee selects students based on high school coursework, recommendations, SAT scores, class rank, and personal essays.

Students accepted into the Carroll School of Management are invited into the Honors Program based on their high school academic performance, scholarship promise, extracurricular involvement, and potential to contribute to the program.  Each class generally has between thirty-five and forty Honors Program members.  In the Spring, Admitted Eagles Day for Honors students allows potential freshman to make a trip to BC and see what the program is all about.  A smaller number of students who demonstrate the above qualifications are invited to apply halfway through their freshman year.  These students undergo a vigorous application and interview process before being selected into the Program.

Students in the Carroll School Honors Program enjoy many benefits, both academic and social. With class sizes capped near forty, honors sections of the core curriculum afford students the opportunity to meet in an intimate setting with some of the best tenured professors at Boston College. Students find this experience challenging and rewarding as they are able to interact with both professors and students in their smaller class sizes. The Honors Program also augments the Carroll School's core requirements with three additional requirements. The first is Business & Professional Speaking, a course that teaches students the principles and practices of communicating in the business world. The second is Applied Statistics which takes students' quantitative analysis to a further level, promoting active thinking and reasoning over the simple application of principles. The third is the Senior Thesis. The Thesis involves an in-depth inquiry on a current issue regarding the financial world.

Given the intimate setting the Honors Program affords, it is not uncommon for students and faculty to interact extensively. Students form personal and academic relationships with both their peers and professors in an environment that emphasizes learning and understanding. One-on-one discussions with professors after class and during office hours are common and expected. Many students assist professors with research projects and work with former professors on their Senior Thesis. The continuous interaction between students and faculty provides the opportunity for students to perform at a higher level in and out of the classroom.


Kevin Eidt

The Kevin Eidt Memorial Scholarship

The Kevin M. Eidt Memorial Scholarship is awarded annually to the junior in the Carroll School of Management Honors Program, who during the past three years has demonstrated a unique combination of academic achievement, character, leadership, and school spirit similar to Kevin's.

The scholarship recipient is selected by the faculty of the Carroll School of Management Undergraduate Honors Program and announced each year, at the end of the year Honors Program Banquet.

Kevin M. Eidt was a member of the Boston College class of 2000.  A freshman in the Carroll School of Management Honors Program, Kevin died of cardiac arrest during an intramural basketball game in the second semester of his freshman year.  In recognition of the tremendous impact he had made on the Boston College community in such a short time, Kevin was posthumously awarded the Nicholas Woods Leadership Award, sponsored by the Office of Student Development.  In addition, the Liturgical Arts Group dedicated their "I Want to Praise Your Name" CD to Kevin, and the men and women's intramural basketball championship trophy is named after him.  This scholarship was created as a legacy to a young man who, in one semester, made a positive impact on the BC community, lived the motto "ever to excel" and approached every day with the exuberance and determination to live life to its fullest.

The scholarship is funded by the Kevin Eidt Fund at Boston College, which is supported by alumni contributions and grants from the Kevin M. Eidt Memorial Scholarship Fund, a 501 (c)(3) publicly supported charitable organization.