Katie Diasti ’19

Katie Diasti ’19 (The Heights)

Katie Diasti ’19 knows the importance of relating to her audience. While still a marketing major in the Carroll School, she developed the business plan for what would become Viv for your V, her line of toxin-free and eco-friendly period care products. With help from accelerator programs like Accelerator@Shea and SSC Venture Partners, she has steadily expanded Viv’s offerings.

Now, Viv is drawing attention in the media and business world, partly because its customer base has grown five times over since its 2020 launch. As Diasti recently told the Boston Globe, the key is knowing what content her community of millennial and Gen Z customers will respond to. Viv has cultivated an active following on social media and earlier this year launched its “Voices by Viv” podcast to discuss bold topics like body positivity and the stigmas around periods in relatable ways.

Diasti and the rest of the Viv team know that they understand their target demographic, simply because they are part of it, she told the Boston Globe. “We’re all kind of like that Gen Z, young millennial age and so we are our own customer, which has been awesome.”

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