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Where Values Come to Life

Honesty, integrity, mutual respect, the relentless pursuit of excellence, accountability to self and others—these values guide Carroll School students, faculty, and staff in fostering a culture distinct among business schools. In our trusting community, students openly support each other to thrive academically, professionally, and personally. Along the way, they form friendships that last lifetimes and enjoy the benefits of studying at a world-class university.

Following Boston College’s Jesuit heritage, each graduate student gives back to the community, assisting others through meaningful work and satisfying a community service requirement. In addition to sponsoring Global Days of Service, the University offers a variety of resources to help students find fulfilling opportunities that match their interests.

Boston College Graduate Management Association

Graduate Management Association

The Graduate Management Association (GMA) is the elected graduate student body at the Carroll School of Management. The GMA strives to enhance the academic, professional, and social experiences for all Carroll School graduate students.

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Hours of Student Volunteer Service, 2021–2022


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Embracing Our Diversity

At the Carroll School of Management, we embrace and celebrate the differences in our close-knit community—differences of background, identity, perspective, and ideas. Learn more about our commitment to fostering diversity and inclusion.

Serving the Community

Carroll School graduate students carry on Boston College’s tradition of educating “men and women for others.” They use their talents by providing pro bono services to local nonprofits, mentoring underserved youth, and more. How will you give back?