Flex Dining Plans

BC Dining offers several optional dining plans to students, faculty, and staff. Use Flex Dining Plans for meals at any campus location, late-night snacks, mobile ordering, grocery staples, or coffee between classes. Plus, depending on the plan level, get extra spending power through bonus dollars. 

Flex Basic$20–$299
Flex 300Your Cost: $300
Flex Bucks:$300
Bonus Flex Bucks:$15
Total Spending Power$315
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Flex 800Your Cost: $800
Flex Bucks:$800
Bonus Flex Bucks:$80
Total Spending Power$880
Flex 1200Your Cost: $1,200
Flex Bucks:$1,200
Bonus Flex Bucks:$180
Total Spending Power:$1,380
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BC Dining offers four Faculty/Staff Flex Dining plans that fit your busy schedule. Faculty/Staff Flex Dining Plans are declining balance accounts and conveniently maintained through your Eagle One Card. Flex Bucks are accepted at the Faculty Dining Room, all dining locations, GET Mobile ordering, BC Farmers Market, CSA Farm Share, and vending machines.

With Flex Dining Plans, you can choose the amount of funds added to your account at any time. Plus, Flex Bucks roll over and never expire*. Choose from four plans:

FLEXFS BasicYour Cost: $20-$60
FLEXFS 75Your Cost: $75
Flex Bucks:$75
Bonus Flex Bucks:$5
Total Spending Power:$80
FLEXFS 200Your Cost: $200
Flex Bucks:$200
Bonus Flex Bucks:$20
Total Spending Power:$220
FLEXFS 325Your Cost: $325
Flex Bucks:$325
Bonus Flex Bucks:$50
Total Spending Power:$375
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Faculty Dining Room

Using Your Meal Plan

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Eat what, where, how, and when you want, choosing from an expansive menu selection.

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Flex Bucks roll over to the next academic year (or refunded after graduation*).

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Enjoy extended weekends and hours of operation. Plus, all meals are available for take out.

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Treat your friends and family to an award-winning meal at one of our dining halls.

Our meal plans help you learn how to budget your time and money.
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