1. Why did you apply for the scholarship?

"I applied for the Romero Scholarship for two reasons. The first being, at the time and now, I knew going through the process helped me gain insight as to who I am as Latino and how that correlates with representing my family, ideals, friends, and fellow Latinos here at Boston College and in the greater Boston community at large. Secondly, I wanted to show the world that idealism coupled with passion elevates a person to higher heights, and that if you put your mind to anything and ask God for help, He will guide you.

2. What did winning the scholarship mean to you?

"When my name was called, I was completely taken aback because I did not anticipate the win. The night of the ceremony, my mother could not be in attendance, and thus, when I gave my acceptance speech, I was very emotional. Emotions ran high because it was my way of thanking her for all of the sacrifices she had endured and it offered me the chance to continue guiding future leaders to persist and graduate from Boston College."

3. What are you doing now that you've graduated from BC?

Response in 2002: "Well, since my graduation from Boston College, I have become an active alumnus, serving on several advisory boards at the College. Also, I continue to stay connected to current and prospective students through the Undergraduate Admission office. Academically, I continue to challenge myself at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, in pursuit of my Ed.M in Higher Education Administration."

Update from Roy 9/03: "The last time I wrote, I was in the process of completing my degree from Harvard University. I am proud to say that I graduated with distinction from Harvard University this June 2003 with a Master's degree in Higher Education Administration. So now I have initials after my name, Roystone J. Martinez, Ed.M."

4. What are you doing now that you have achieved that goal?

Update from Roy 9/03: "During the summer, I worked as a Counselor for the Options Through Education (OTE) program and enjoyed that experience tremendously. Currently, I work as the High School Coordinator for the GEAR UP program at the University of Massachusetts at Boston. GEAR UP is a federally funded program that provides high school students in Boston with the guidance and preparation needed for applying and getting accepted to institutions of Higher Education. I really enjoy this position because it allows me to use my consulting, counseling, and networking skills to bridge the divide between secondary education and higher education."

5. Can Latinos contact you if they are interested in applying for the scholarship or pursuing Graduate studies?

Update from Roy 9/03: "Most definitely! You can contact me if you are interested in applying for the scholarship. Furthermore, if you just need someone to converse with in regards to navigating and enhancing your Boston College experience, I am here as well. Use your Alumni! My email address is roystone@post.harvard.edu Good Luck and God Bless!"