What is Medical Humanities?

At Boston College, Medical Humanities is an interdisciplinary, humanistic, and cultural study of illness, health, health care, and the body. Students choose courses from a range of departments in Arts and Sciences, from the social sciences and the humanities to the natural sciences. Throughout, the minor draws from Boston College’s commitment to social justice, ethics, and care for the whole person.

Who should minor in Medical Humanities?

Many minors are planning careers in medicine, health care policy or law, psychology, public/global health, social work, patient advocacy, or health journalism. Others, undecided about career path, are interested in learning more about bioethics, the history of health practices, or the ways in which art and literature represent (at times competing) ideas about illness and the body.

In the fall, we accept applications from sophomore and junior students, while in the spring, we accept applications from freshman and sophomore students.

How can I learn more?

Please visit our FAQ for more information about the application process, requirements, and other details about the program. If you have any questions that our FAQ does not answer, feel free to e-mail the director, Amy Boesky, at amy.boesky@bc.edu, or the Graduate Assistant at medical.humanities@bc.edu.



The Medical Humanities Journal of Boston College

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The Medical Humanities Journal of Boston College is a student-run, interdisciplinary journal that seeks to examine and represent ideas of health, illness, caregiving, and medicine.

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