Course Requirements

The Journalism Minor consists of six courses, or 18 credits:

  • Introduction to Journalism, to be taken as early as possible during the course of study
  • Four electives, drawn from a mix of “craft” and “critical” courses (as designated in the Course Information and Schedule):
    • At least one elective must be a “critical” course
    • At least one elective must be a “craft” course
    • Students may then complete the minor with program course offerings of their choice.
    • One elective may be taken abroad upon approval from the Steering Committee. Ordinarily, credit will be granted only upon return from the program and after an evaluation of the syllabus and graded work done in the course.
  • Senior Seminar, to be taken in the fall or spring semester of the senior year.

In Arts and Sciences, students need 15 “unique” credits towards the minor, but the remaining three credits (one course) may “co-count” for your major or the Core.

Spring 2024 Courses

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Required Courses

Craft Courses

Critical Courses