Designed to complement any undergraduate major, the Environmental Studies minor introduces the scientific, political, and cultural aspects of the world’s environmental problems and makes students aware of paths toward sustainable solutions. Minors gain background for environmentally related careers in business, education, law, policy or research; and preparation for graduate study.


  • At least 15 credits must be used solely for the ENVS minor requirements (i.e.,only  4 credits can be shared with requirements for your major or the University Core). 
  • Your ENVS minor courses must involve at least three different departments.

A. EESC2201, Environmental Systems: The Human Footprint (plus lab; 2 credits)

B. One of the following Environmental Systems courses (plus lab; 2 credits):

  • EESC 2202, Environmental Systems: Ecosystems
  • EESC 2203, Environmental Systems: Water Resources
  • EESC 2204, Environmental Systems: Geochemistry
  • EESC 2205, Environmental Systems: Climate Change
  • EESC 2206, Environmental Systems: Oceans
  • EESC 2207, Environmental Systems: Earthquakes
  • EESC 2208, Environmental Systems: Quantitative Methods

C. Two foundation courses (6 credits):

  • One in Research Methods:
    • ENVS 3360 Research Methods in Environmental Studies
  • One in Social Sciences:
    • ECON 2277 Environmental Economics and Policy
    • ECON 2278 Environmental Economics
    • ENVS/UNAS 2256 Environmental Law and Policy
    • HIST 2406 The Land Is Your Land: U.S. Environmental History
    • HIST 4703 Environmental Histories of Water
    • INTL 2260 International Environmental Science and Policy
    • MGMT 2145 Environmental Management
    • SOCY 1031 Society and Environmental Transformations
    • SOCY 1501 Global Implications of Climate Change CORE CP
    • SOCY 1509 Planet in Peril: History and Future of Human Impacts CORE CP
    • SOCY 2200 Statistics (or a different statistics course)
    • SOCY/ENVS 3562 Environmental Sociology I
    • PHIL 5534 Environmental Ethics

D. 2 or more courses (at least 6 credits) of electives.

At least three credits must be from courses numbered 3000 and above.

E. ENVS 4943, Environmental Seminar, (3 credits), offered every spring semester.


To register for the Environmental Studies Minor visit the Environmental Studies Office in Devlin 213 or email envstudies@bc.edu.

To learn more about the minor stop by the office and/or arrange to meet with the director during office hours.