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Natalia Sarkisian

Associate Professor




Natalia Sarkisian's research utilizes her expertise in quantitative methodologies to examine variation in extended family experiences by race/ethnicity, social class, gender, age, and marital status. This research has been published in Social Forces, American Sociological Review, Journal of Marriage and Family, Contexts, and Family Relations, as well as summarized for undergraduate audiences in Sarkisian’s recent book, Nuclear Family Values, Extended Family Lives: The Importance of Gender, Race, and Class (Routledge, 2012). Her other recent publications examine the effects of the timing of retirement on subjective physical and emotional health, investigate the influence of ethnicity on older American Indian patients’ interpretations of healthcare providers’ affective behavior, and assess whether “holistic spirituality” promotes individualistic withdrawal or fosters social engagement. In addition, in 2008-2011, she was a co-Principal Investigator on a cross-national study of age and employment, funded by the Sloan Foundation.