Sociology Faculty Directory

Lacee Satcher

Assistant Professor


Lacee Satcher is an Assistant Professor of Sociology and Environmental Studies. Her primary research interests include race/ethnicity, health & place, and environmental justice. Other interests include place & inequality, social psychology of health, and urban sociology. Her most recent work focuses on the race-environment-health connection, specifically how various individual social identities/social locations structure our relations with and within space and place to shape health outcomes, health experiences, and place attachment. Her conceptualization of these relations include the term 'multiply-deserted areas' which describes the co-occurring resource scarcity in urban, Black neighborhoods resulting from processes of environmental racism and racial capitalism.

She holds a PhD in Sociology from Vanderbilt University as well as a MA in Sociology and a BA in Psychology from Jackson State University and Tougaloo College, respectively.  She has co-authored papers in the areas of environmental justice, identity & higher education, African American health, and Black women's mental health. She has sole-authored papers on the race/class associations and health consequences of living in multiply-deserted areas on the horizon.