Sociology Faculty Directory

Brian Gareau

Associate Professor, Senior Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs


As Senior Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs and Academic Planning, Professor Gareau assists the Dean of the Morrissey College of Arts & Sciences (MCAS) with oversight of MCAS departments in the Humanities and Social Sciences. His role includes assisting the Dean as a point-of-contact for department chairs on personnel issues, in reviewing faculty search requests, faculty hiring, faculty evaluation and merit review, in developing new faculty programming, working with departments on strategic planning, and helping supervise Interdisciplinary Programs, among other responsibilities. Professor Gareau was Associate Dean for the University Core Curriculum from 2018-2023. As an environmental sociologist, Gareau studies global environmental governance, especially the governance of ozone layer depletion and global climate change, and publishes on theorizations of society/nature relations, alternative development, and agri-food systems. Currently, he leads a multi-disciplinary research lab investigating the social and ecological dynamics of cranberry production in New England and global climate change.