Outside Courses

Boston College Sociology graduate students may cross-register for one course each semester at Boston University, Brandeis, or Tufts, or through the Graduate Consortium in Women's Studies at MIT.

For students interested in consortium courses:

  1. Discuss with your advisor
  2. Reach out to the instructor to ask about availability
  3. Download the Petition for Cross-Registration form
  4. Fill out the top part of the form and insert your signature
  5. Get all the signatures on the BC (lower-left) side of the form. Please note that the part where it says “BC Dean’s” signature should actually be signed by the Director of Graduate Studies
  6. Get signatures from the host (lower-right) side (instructor, then registrar)
  7. Send the completed form to BC student services

If you are taking a class in the Women’s Studies consortium, you also need to fill out their online form.

  • BU Graduate Sociology Course Descriptions
  • BU Graduate Course Offerings  (follow instructions below): 
    • Navigate to Academics
    • Navigate to University Class Schedule
    • Select desired semester, e.g. FALL 23 (Fall 2023)
    • Under the option "Search by: Class Number" select GRS (the code for graduate school) and then under "Dept" enter "SO" for Sociology. Then click "Go" to get a current listing of ongoing courses, times, days, etc.
  • Tufts Course Offerings for Current Semester (Tufts has no graduate sociology courses).
  • Courses numbered 1-99 are for undergraduate credit only; those numbered 100-199 are for both undergraduate and graduate credit; those numbered 200 and up are for graduate credit only.