Teaching Award

Each year, the students initiated into Phi Beta Kappa are asked to submit nominations for the Phi Beta Kappa Teaching Award. In keeping with the Society's concern with academic excellence, students are asked to nominate an outstanding teacher who has positively influenced their experience at BC, either in or outside the classroom. Faculty are selected for the award based on the cumulative nominations from students over multiple years.

Year Recipient Department
2022 Celeste Wells Communication
2021 Thomas Epstein Classical Studies (awarded 2022)
2020 Not awarded in 2020 because of Covid shutdown
2019 Jennifer Erickson Political Science
2018 James F. Keenan, SJ Presidential Scholars Program
2017 Kathleen Bailey Political Science
2016 Danielle Gioioso Taghian Biology
2015 Neil M. Wolfman Chemistry
2014 Harold Petersen Economics
2013 Susan Michalczyk Honors Program
2012 Donald Fishman Communication
2011 Stephen J. Pope Theology
2010 Bonnie S. Jefferson Communication
2009 Marc Landy Political Science
2008 John McDargh Theology
2007 John Paris, S.J. Theology
2006 Seth Jacobs History
2005 Vanessa P. Rumble Philosophy
2004 T. Ross Kelly Chemistry
2003 Cynthia Lynn Lyerly History
2002 Rev. Michael Himes Theology
2001 Larry Wolff History
2000 Dale Herbeck Communication
1999 Christopher Wilson English
1998 John Howard, S.J. Honors Program
1997 Michael Resler German Studies
1996 John Heineman History
1996 Thomas Perry History
1995 Donald Hafner Political Science
1995 Richard Hughes English
1994 John Mahoney English
1993 John Tierney Political Science
1992 Gerald Bilodeau Mathematics
1991 Mark O'Connor Honors Program
1990 Mary Joe Hughes Honors Program