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College should provide students the opportunity for experiential learning. In the Environmental Studies Program, we encourage students to take advantage of the opportunity to work for one of the many companies and organizations that include environmental issues as a focus or important component of their work. Student can pursue an internship anywhere in the world during the summer, as well as receive academic credit for an internship in Boston during the fall or spring semesters.

Internships by Sector

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Unsure of where to start? Consider shadowing a BC alum for the day

Daniella Smith

Daniella Smith ‘20 is a 2018 UC Santa Cruz Doris Duke Conservation Scholar. This program is dedicated to the integration of diversity, equity, and inclusion in the field of conservation. Daniella spent the summer conducting multiple rapid research studies in a range of UC Natural Reserve ecosystems and National Parks.

Internships for Environmental Studies Course Credit

For students who wish to incorporate an internship directly into their Environmental Studies major or minor, we now offer the possibility of an ENVS Internship (1 credit).

An Environmental Studies Internship is an experiential learning experience where students can apply theoretical and technical classroom information by working directly with an organization in an environmental field. Under the supervision of a faculty advisor, students are expected to spend 50 hours throughout the semester working on a defined project with an approved outside agency, which may include educational, non-profit, for-profit, and government organizations. Through journal writing, a midterm check-in with the faculty advisor, and a final paper, the Environmental Studies Internship combines work experience with reflection and critical analysis, providing students an opportunity to gain valuable insights on potential career pathways. To register and apply the 1-credit to their degree, students must submit an internship approval form with faculty sponsorship and approval from the Associate Director of Environmental Studies to the Environmental Studies Program.

How to Use This Resource

This page is intended to serve as a resource for Environmental Studies Majors and Minors who are interested in interning. It provides a curated (but NOT exhaustive) list of organizations that may be of interest Environmental Studies students, including where students have interned in the past. Environmental Studies students are encouraged to intern, and are not limited to programs in this site - this site is merely intended as a guide for students who are interested in programs with a specific emphasis on topics related to Environmental Studies. Students are encouraged to do their own research on possible organizations, as there are many organizations not included on this list that may also be of interest.

Students are encouraged to share information about internships they have participated in or discovered. This page was created and is maintained by the Environmental Studies Program office, not the Boston College Career Center.

Weekly Updates on Internship Opportunities

This page reports recurring internship opportunities that focus on environmental themes. For more up-to-date information about internship opportunities that are currently seeking applications from Environmental Studies students, join our group on LinkedIn, visit our blog, and subscribe to our weekly mailing list.