Welcome to the Environmental Studies Program at Boston College.

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Expanding human impact on the Earth's environment is the central challenge of the 21st century. Our species is altering local and global ecosystems at a rate unprecedented in Earth history as population and affluence grows. These changes manifest themselves as contemporary environmental problems such as global climate change, the biodiversity crisis, and pollution in watersheds, oceans, and the atmosphere. These problems are scientifically and socially complex. The Environmental Studies Program provides students with an understanding of the issues facing our planet as we strive to develop paths toward a sustainable future, from perspectives in the social and natural sciences, arts, and the humanities. We also foster a campus-wide dialog about environmental issues by sponsoring conferences, lectures and other events.

We are an interdisciplinary program that offers a major and minor in the Morrissey College of Arts and Sciences, involving students and faculty throughout the University. Faculty from MCAS departments include Biology, Chemistry, Earth and Environmental Sciences, Economics, English, History, Philosophy, Physics, Sociology, and Theology, and the schools of Education, Law, Management, and Nursing all contribute to the program.

The goals of the major are to provide students with:

  • the knowledge and perspective to cultivate rewarding lives as responsible citizens of the planet;
  • a deep understanding of the scientific, political, and cultural aspects of the world's environmental challenges;
  • the tools and creativity necessary to envision and implement paths to sustainable solutions; and
  • a solid background for environmentally related graduate programs and/or careers in business, education, law, policy, planning, government, or research.