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Environmental Studies is an interdisciplinary undergraduate program of the Morrissey College of Arts and Science offering a major (B.A.) and a minor. ENVS is a distinct academic community drawn together around a shared purpose of transforming society to be ecologically regenerative, socially just, and economically secure. Solving the environmental challenges we face in the 21st century—climate change, freshwater scarcity, environmental pollution, biodiversity loss, food insecurity—requires a holistic approach, characterized by collaboration and integration across the natural sciences, social sciences, and humanities. In the Environmental Studies Program, students experience this rigorous interdisciplinary approach as they envision and implement paths towards sustainability. We also foster a campus-wide dialog about environmental challenges by sponsoring conferences, lectures and other events.

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Iceland’s most photographed mountain showcases the dynamic extremes that define the landscape — waterfalls, fed from a volcanic source, carve through the dramatic mountainsides on their way to the sea. Photo by BC graduate Alex Krowiak