For Supervisors

Introduction: What's here for me?

This page is designed to be a full resource guide to PULSE Supervisors.  It is our hope the content herein includes the forms, dates, and resources you might need to fulfill your role as a PULSE Supervisor.

Look out for the following items:

  • PULSE Calendar for Supervisors: Contains all dates pertinent to PULSE student schedules, the PULSE Placement Process, and deadlines.
  • PULSE Paperwork for Supervisors: As you need them throughout the year, find the Learning Work Agreement and Semester Evaluations here.
  • Frequently Asked Questions: Not surprisingly, many PULSE Supervisors face similar obstacles, and encounter similar questions.  This resource is intended as a self-service shop for sharing some of the more frequently asked questions.

Please view the pdf version of the Supervisor Manual, filled with in depth history of PULSE, and the foundation for the service experience: