PULSE Council

The PULSE Council is a group of eighteen students who have taken PULSE and have been chosen to continue working with the program as student leaders. Council Members can assist students and supervisors by answering questions, discussing concerns, and acting as a resource for everyone involved in PULSE. Each PULSE Council Member coordinates 3 or 4 community partners.

As a coordinator, the Council Member aids interested students in selecting and getting oriented to a community partner and serves as the primary contact for the students and the designated site supervisor throughout the academic year. During the course of the year, Council Members will arrange meetings with all students at each service site and will remain in contact with students individually. These meetings provide PULSE students with an opportunity to discuss the experiences that pertain specifically to their service site. Each Council Member has three office hours per week in the PULSE office (Stokes N125).

Alan Chang (MCAS 2025)

Alan Chang

MCAS 2025

Aiden Fleming (MCAS 2023)

Aiden Fleming

MCAS 2023

Louie Franzese (MCAS 2023)

Louie Franzese

MCAS 2023

Yuting Jiang (MCAS 2023)

Yuting Jiang

MCAS 2023

Kalindi Keffeler (MCAS 2024)

Kalindi Keffeler

MCAS 2024

Olivia Lane (CSOM 2023)

Olivia Lane

CSOM 2023

Kevin Latu (MCAS 2023)

Kevin Latu

MCAS 2023

Brooke Leeman (MCAS 2024)

Brooke Leeman

MCAS 2024

Maggie McDonough (LSEHD 2023)

Maggie McDonough

LSEHD 2023

Lupita Peralta (MCAS 2023)

Lupita Peralta

MCAS 2023

Emma Rahilly (MCAS 2023)

Emma Rahilly

MCAS 2023

Rachel Ruggera (MCAS 2023)

Rachel Ruggera

MCAS 2023

Adalyn Schommer (MCAS 2024)

Adalyn Schommer

MCAS 2024

Shruthi Sriram (MCAS 2025)

Shruthi Sriram

MCAS 2025

Reem Sulieman (MCAS 2023)

Reem Sulieman

MCAS 2023

Lauren Vanderslice (MCAS 2024)

Lauren Vanderslice

MCAS 2024

Anessa Wermers (LSEHD 2023)

Aneesa Wermers

LSEHD 2023

Annie Zitella (MCAS 2024)

Annie Zitella

MCAS 2024